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Catholicos Garegin II Urges Voters to Go to the Polls

Catholicos Garegin II has called on voters in Armenia to cast their ballots tomorrow and participate in “the building of Armenia’s future.”

“We are on the threshold of a decisive day for our homeland. By participating in the special parliamentary elections, we will decide the way of building the future of our country. We all want to live in a peaceful and secure, developing country, away from shocks and divisions, to build our dignified and prosperous life on national and patriotic achievements,” Garegin II writes in a released statement.

The church leader calls for a normalization of domestic life in the country and an end to “actions that divide the nation, sowing enmity in the society, and calls for violence and revenge.”

“Let us create a new page in our history with faith and optimism, love and unity. Let us always remember that the future of Artsakh is conditioned by the stable situation in Armenia, by our strong statehood, the overcoming of the problems of our brothers and sisters living in Artsakh,” Garegin II writes.

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