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Yerevan State Medical University Rector Calls on Women to Support Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

Yerevan State Medical University Rector Armen Muradyan has called on the women of Armenia to support the government’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Describing women as frontline protectors of Armenian households, in essence second tier health ministers, Muradyan said that women must see to it that all family members follow health regulations and get vaccinated.

“Urge your family members to strictly follow all the anti-epidemic rules and do not allow unprofessional opinions about vaccines to enter your household. Protect your homes from ignorance, keep your castles impregnable and healthy and do not let the shadows dim the light,” Muradyan wrote in a Facebook post.

He said that vaccinations are the only means to fight the spread of the coronavirus in Armenia.

The Armenian Ministry of Health today reported that of the 14,037 people tested for the virus yesterday, 1,184 tested positive and that 42 died overnight.

The official Covid-19 death toll in Armenia now stands at 6,055.

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