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Seda Ghukasyan

Pashinyan Accuses Hayastan Faction MPs of Representing Azerbaijani Interests

Mutual accusations of duplicity and treason were tossed about in the Armenian National Assembly today at a Q&A session when opposition MPs grilled Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan on a host of matters.

Hayastan faction MP Armen Rustamyan accused Pashinyan of making secret verbal agreements with Azerbaijan that will seriously damage Armenian interests.

Rustamyan, an ARF member, did not specify what evidence he had to make such allegations.

Pashinyan said no such agreements exist and berated the Hayastan faction for making such absurd allegations that only serve the interests of Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan was further incensed when Hayastan MP Artur Ghazinyan asked him if he’d resign if the so-called Zangezur Corridor issue couldn’t be resolved through negotiations.

"It has always been clear to me that, yes, there are networks of influence in Armenia, and now we have all seen the expression of the activity of one of such networks live. I have no doubt about that. You are the Azerbaijani narrator in the hall of the National Assembly, and I want us to state this very clearly," said Pashinyan in response.

The prime minister then dared the Hayastan faction to sue him in court for defamation, arguing that he’d be proven correct.

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mihran robert mahmouzian
those government people in armenian are a bunch of bimbo they have meeting they accuse each other they htreten each other they are sik people how is it that armenia elect those brain dead hunger take care of the need of the country later on argue dont forget to jail all the crooks take the stollen money and build up your army .fire all those officer with big stomack . you armenian from armenia ruin the future that the people work so hard to build

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