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Armenian HRD Urges International Community to Act on Artsakh Gas Supply Issue

Armenian Human Rights Defender Kristinne Grigoryan says she has written to international organizations and diplomatic missions about Azerbaijan’s refusal to allow Artsakh engineers to repair a pipeline supplying gas to Karabakh.

Grigoryan, in a statement issued today, writes that some 100,000 people in Artsakh have gone without gas for a week as a result.

An explosion damaged a section of the pipeline passing through Azerbaijani-controlled territory on March 8.

Grigoryan described the distribution of the gas supply to Artsakh from Armenia as suspicious.

"At the same time, electricity is regularly cut off. This deepens the difficult humanitarian situation that was created during and after the war,” Grigoryan writes.

She mentions that Azerbaijani troops have also fired on various Artsakh villages of late and that this is part of an Azerbaijani policy to sow fear and intimidation among the people living in Artsakh with the aim of evicting Armenians from the region.

Grigoryan says she has urged the international community to pressure Baku to stop such criminal behavior.


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