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Ukraine War and Looming Food Security Challenge for Armenia

The war in Ukraine poses a serious food security challenge for Armenia.

Increasing western sanctions on Russia and possible Russian sanctions in response have increased concerns about Armenia’s food dependency. 

Much of Armenia’s food imports come from Russia and Ukraine.

99% of Armenian Wheat Imports from Russia

98.9% of Armenia's wheat, 82.2% of its macaroni/pasta, 72% of its margarine and 66.6% of its bread/pastry imports are from Russia.

Armenia’s Statistical Committee reports that during the past five years Armenia produced 24-33% of wheat consumed in the country.

In 2020, 347,000 tons of wheat worth US$72 million was imported from Russia to Armenia.

Russian exports to Armenia amounted to US$1.651 billion in 2020 – 33% of total Armenian imports. 

Armenia imports more than 1,200 products from Russia. Natural gas accounts for 22% of imports from Russia to Armenia. The next major group is oil products: gasoline, diesel fuel. 326,000 tons ($164 million) were imported from Russia in 2020.

Armenia-Ukraine Trade: Poultry a Big Armenian Import 

Armenia also trades with Ukraine, but on a much more modest scale than Russia.

Armenia’s Statistical Committee reports that Ukraine account for only 0.9% of Armenia's exports (US$26 million). Ukraine's share of Armenia's import is 2.7% - $143 million.

Ukraine, however, accounts for 34% of Armenia’s poultry imports. Sugar, chocolate, confectionery, and butter are also top Ukrainian exports to Armenia.

In 2020, Armenia imported a total of 34,000 tons of poultry (mostly chicken) at a cost of $30 million. 

Armenia only produces 30% of the poultry the country consumes yearly. 

Armenia also imports poultry from Brazil, Germany, the United States and Belgium.

In 2020, Armenia exported only $26 million worth of goods to Ukraine, about half of which was brandy.

In the last ten years, Armenian-Ukrainian trade turnover has not exceeded $170 million.

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