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Artsakh State Minister Marks Anniversary of 1991 Nagorno Karabakh Republic Declaration

Artsakh State Minister Artak Beglaryan issued the following statement to mark the 1991 declaration of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Today marks our most important state holiday, the embodiment of a crucial step in the realization of the national dream. On this day, in 1991, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic was declared within the borders of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region and the adjacent Shahumyan region.

By that historic decision, we realized our deserved right to decide our own destiny and state legal status, affirming and defending the truth of the exercise of the right to self-determination in the years to come. As a result of the complex and hardship-filled march of confronting Azerbaijan's anti-Armenian policy and restoration of historical justice, we have the Republic of Artsakh which, with its unique role, is called to serve our national goals, for the benefit of the strengthening of Armenian statehood in Artsakh and Mother Armenia and the perpetuation of the Armenian people.

The only chance to succeed on this path full of many challenges is to keep the loyalty to the goals and values ​​declared by our elders, the continuous strengthening of statehood and the determination to face the difficulties. Easy solutions will never be given to us in this struggle, but I am more than sure that those who have gone through victories and defeats our people value what they have gained, what they have lost, and what they have preserved.

Artsakh is the core and bulwark of modern Armenian identity, and every Armenian who lives and works in Artsakh, who truly lives with the pain of Artsakh, is the guardian of our identity and dignified existence. Therefore, escaping from the chosen path and difficulties means giving up one's values, identity and future.

Today, we bow our heads in front of the bright memory of our martyrs. Rejoice and be filled with hope for our children and keep our statehood strong. The choice is not great. Thanks to the national spirit, purposefulness, consistency, tireless and ceaseless work and struggle of the people living in Artsakh, our compatriots from Mother Armenia and the Diaspora, we will guarantee the Armenian identity of Artsakh and the perpetuation of Armenian statehood.

So, let's go forward and congratulate the 31st anniversary of the declaration of the NKR.

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