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Narek Aleksanyan

Yerevan Marchers Demand Government Action to Open Lachin Corridor

Waving the Armenian flag, hundreds marched through downtown Yerevan today demanding that the Pashinyan government either take steps to reopen the Lachin Corridor or else resign.

The march, entitled “The Truly Culpable”, was organized by the youth wing of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

The organizers argue the Pashinyan administration prefers to request the intervention of the international community, particularly Russia, to resolve the problem rather than fulfilling its constitutional obligations.

Azerbaijani self-professed eco-activists have blocked the Lachin Corridor, the only land link between Artsakh and Armenia, for the past two weeks.

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Two remarks: 1. the CSTO alliance case is limited to Armenia proper, not Artsakh. 2. why should Russia stand by Armenia and risk a conflict with Azerbaijan/Turkey if Pashinyan turns westwards and away from Russia?
Armenia has made mistakes. But the present Artsakh crisis is due mostly to Russia, which has deliberately abdicated its role as "peacekeeper." Are we to believe that Russian soldiers can't push these "demonstrators" off the road? Is this how Russian "peacekeepers" would have behaved had there been an Artsakh peace agreement 20 years ago? I think so. It's actually quite hilarious that foreign countries are not pointing out how irresponsible Russia is acting over Artsakh. Are they all afraid of Russia or just plain clueless? Similarly, the CSTO and Russia have abdicated their defense agreements with Armenia by allowing such things as the Azeri invasion of southern Armenia. Russia is holding Artsakh hostage until Armenia gives Russia everything it wants, perhaps a permanent occupation of Armenian as a "Union State" just as Belarus is. Many Armenians know this. But they are hesitant to say so publicly because Russia is just plain nasty and traitorous.

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