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Hrant Gadarigian

Armenian Opposition Parties to Boycott Tomorrow’s Session of 2020 Artsakh War Investigative Commission

Opposition political parties in Armenia will not participate in tomorrow’s session of a parliamentary fact-finding commission, formed in February 2022, to investigate various aspects of the 2020 Artsakh war and the defeat of the Armenia/Artsakh military.

The parliaments Hayastan (Armenia) and Pativ Unem (With Honor) factions have boycotted the commission’s work, arguing that the government will attempt to absolve PM Nikol Pashinyan of any responsibility for the military defeat and will blame the armed forces, individual commanders and soldiers instead.

The factions, in a statement issued today, ridiculed Pashinyan’s announcement that he might testify tomorrow, arguing that whatever he says will remain a state secret.

The factions say Pashinyan’s announced willingness to testify is purely political in nature given that the commission’s mandate is set to expire soon, and the prime minister wants to prove that he cooperated with the commission’s inquiry.

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