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Tatev Khachatryan

Armenian Poultry Producer "Mum" on Salmonella Outbreak

A leading poultry producer in Armenia remains silent on why salmonella was found in its frozen chickens sold on supermarket shelves.

Hetq, in conjunction with Armenia’s Food Safety Inspectorate (FSI) sent frozen chickens sold by Getamej and the Arax Poultry Factory for lab testing and found the bacteria.

The FSI, on June 15, stated it shut done the Arax Poultry Plant and banned the sale of Getamej products.  

Hetq attempted to contact the Arax Poultry Plant to see if the bacteria has killed off some of their birds.

For weeks, company representatives never responded to our inquiries after promising to do so.

Today, the company contacted Hetq, saying they will get back to us when necessary.

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