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Anya Sarkisova

Yerevan: Public School Teachers Demand Wage Increase

Public school teachers demonstrated outside the Government Building in Yerevan to demand a salary increase.

The teachers, some of whom arrived from outlying regions, also raised the issue of a lack of textbooks and an increasing workload.

Shogher Babayan, coordinator of the Armenian Teachers' Union initiative, was approached by police officers and told that government officials wanted to meet with the protesters. Five teachers then entered the building for a meeting.

The participants of the action formed a group of 4-5 people and entered the government building.

After the meeting, Babayan reported that they spoke with Davit Simonyan, the official who processes applications for meetings between citizens and government authorities.

Simonyan told them Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan was too busy to meet with them today.

Babayan said the protesting teachers will give the government until Monday for an answer, adding future actions will depend on the response.

As to why no other government official, including a representative of the Ministry of education, wasn’t available to discuss the matter is unclear.

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