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UNESCO to Mark 100-Year Anniversaries of Charles Aznavour, Sergey Parajanov

UNESCO’s General Assembly in Paris has approved the inclusion of the 100-year anniversaries of the births of Charles Aznavour and Sergey Parajanov in its 2024 -2025 Jubilee of Famous People and Important Events.

Armenia’s foreign ministry reported the news today.

The above applications were submitted by the Republic of Armenia jointly with partner countries, receiving significant support from several member states and a group of countries.

The application for the 100-year jubilee of the famous French-Armenian singer, songwriter, actor Charles Aznavour was jointly submitted by Armenia and France with the support of Andorra, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Senegal and the group of francophone UNESCO ambassadors with more than 80 members.

 The request for the 100-year jubilee of the film director Sergey Parajanov was jointly submitted by Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, with the support of Cyprus, France, Italy, Lebanon and Poland.

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