Narek Aleksanyan

Satirist Vardan Petrosyan: "I have to comment on Harsnakar even though it's a sensitive subject"

Political satirist and comedian Vardan Petrosyan spoke to reporters today about his upcoming one-man show and had the following comments regarding the recent Harsnakar Restaurant beating of army doctors.

“If they can raise a hand against officers, then tomorrow, they can do the same to the president. Of course...not this president.  Just picture it. They could walk into the Presidential Palace, rough him up a bit, and then leave.”

Petrosyan says he’ll comment on the Harsnakar incident at his shows at the Hagop Baronian Theater on July 23 and 24, even though it’s a highly sensitive and sore topic.

“If I didn’t comment about it I’d only be deceiving myself. I don’t agree that it was a product of a bad upbringing or stupidity. Something has gone wrong in our system and it’s gotten to a breaking point. There will certainly be repercussions,” Petrosyan said.

His upcoming show is entitled Misters 50/50. The satirist says that artists generally don’t offer solutions but rather give directions that people can follow.

Petrosyan said that if only 2 or 3 people in the audience of 800 get the message and decide to make positive changes in their lives, he will have successfully achieved his function.