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Armenian Medical Researchers Claim Alzheimer's Prevention Breakthrough

Medical researchers in Armenia claim to have synthesized two new compounds that inhibit enzymes that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Armenia’s Academy of Sciences reports that the compounds were synthesized at its Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Center.

“The basis of Alzheimer's disease is the pathological activity of amyloid beta peptides. Amyloid beta has a toxic effect on neurons in the brain and disrupts intercellular communication,” the statement reads, adding that the new compounds reduce the aggregation process of amyloid beta peptides and destroy the toxic aggregates formed by the peptides.

Alvard Antonyan, who heads the Institute of Biochemistry says further preclinical research will make it possible to create new drugs to prevent and treat the disease.

Research results, according to the statement, have been accepted for publication by the Journal of Neurochemistry

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Maro Matosian
this is not professional reporting. Before advertising that a cure was found for Alzeheimer , you need to indicate how many clinical trials were made (Usually over 100,000 is needed) before patenting the drug and administering it at large scale. Sounds like Armenicum which was supposed to cure AIDS.....

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