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Azerbaijani Presidential Election: Aliyev Casts Ballot in Stepanakert   

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev travelled to Stepanakert to cast his vote today in that country’s early presidential election.

Aliyev called for a snap election last December, following Azerbaijan’s military offensive to recapture Nagorno Karabakh.

Aliyev has declared that he wants the election to “mark the beginning of a new era,” in which Azerbaijan has full control over its territory.

Aliyev, who’s governed Azerbaijan since 2003, is running for a fifth presidential term.

There are no term limits in Azerbaijan and presidents serve for seven years.

A fifth term for Aliyev is regarded as a forgone conclusion in today’s vote also because of a crackdown on independent media and the absence of any real opposition.

The six other candidates on the ballot pose no serious challenge to Aliyev.

Azerbaijan’s two main opposition parties – Musavat and the Popular Front party – claim the election isn’t democratic are boycotting the vote.

There are 6,537 polling stations on the territory of Azerbaijan, 26 of which were opened in Nagorno Karabakh.

Update: Exit polls in Azerbaijan show Ilham Aliyev as the winner in today’s snap presidential election with 93.9% of the vote. Parliament member Zahid Oruj is in second place with 1.8%. Six candidates challenged Aliyev in today’s vote.

Photo: AP Photo/Sergei Grits

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I wanted to say shame on the so-called "international community" (i.e. eastern and western imperialist "superpowers"). However, I realized that "shame" doesn't exist in their vocabulary! Right after the end of the 44-day war AZ’s bloodthirsty petro-dictator triumphantly celebrated the ethnic cleansing of Armenian people of Hadrut and Shushi (native inhabitants of the region for millennia), and said: "We chased them out of our lands like dogs." https://president.az/en/articles/view/45924 No member of the "western civilized world" reacted to that. Likewise, none of them reacted to the invasion and occupation of Armenian territories in May 2021 (in Syunik and Gegharkunik), and in September 2022 (Parukh). In December 2022 the only life road to Artsakh came under the blockade of Azerbaijan and led to the starvation of Artsakh Armenians. Instead of condemning the barbarian act of genocide by starvation, in April 2023, they ordered the PM of Armenia to "lower the bar on Artsakh" (i.e. recognize it as part of Azerbaijan), and promised him to "protect rights and security of Artsakh Armenians". However, ten months after the blockade of Artsakh, on September 19, when Azerbaijan launched a military offensive against Artsakh to carry out ethnic cleansing of the rest of Artsakh Armenians, they just stood idly alongside Russian "peacekeepers", and observed atrocities of AZ military against them! And now they offer "humanitarian aid to Armenia for the 120,000 Armenians forcibly displaced from Artsakh", and tolerate the bogus election in Stepanakert. The end of the mockery was the reaction of "eastern superpower" (Armenia's "security guarantor", "military ally" and "strategic partner"). During the 44-day war, CSTO declared Artsakh as not being an Armenian territory, and therefore no obligation to intervene. In May 2021, AZ invaded Armenia and occupied territories in Syunik and Gegharkunik (still under occupation). Then, a renewed invasion of Armenia on September 13, 2022 led to occupation of more territories (Parukh). In December 2022 the only life road to Artsakh came under the blockade of Azerbaijan and led to the starvation of Artsakh Armenians under the observation of "EU monitoring mission" and "Russian peacekeepers"! Ridiculously, CSTO reiterated its readiness to send a mission to Armenia for investigation. It was similar to CSTO's reaction to the first invasion in May 2021 when Stanislav Zas told the media that "CSTO’s capacity is used only in the event of aggression, an invasion. Here we actually have a border incident. Thank God, there are no casualties, no shooting there. This is a border incident, it must be dealt with, and we are in favor of resolving the issue by peaceful means,". https://www.panorama.am/en/news/2021/07/03/Syunik-CSTO-Zas/2529954 This is called REALPOLITIK of eastern and western imperialists, who unite when it comes to their interests (i.e. AZ's dirty oil/gas, and TR's geopolitical strategic location). Disgusting, eh?

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