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Armenia Blocks Shows of Pro-Kremlin TV Host

Armenia has blocked broadcasts of a pro-Kremlin TV host citing “continuous violations” of a Russian-Armenian mass telecommunications cooperation agreement.

The state-owned Television and Radio Broadcasting Network of Armenia claims that shows hosted by Vladimir Solvyov violate articles five and six of the agreement. The Network doesn’t specify what the alleged violations are.

Solovyov, who hosts two talk shows on Russian state TV, is nicknamed “Putin’s voice”.

According to these articles, the sides must not permit interference in each other’s internal political life on air on their public television channels and radio stations, and exclude programs with offensive content towards each other’s peoples and states.

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This Russian propaganda channels destroying the truth and DE-Armeninization of NK, involving so called Russian peacekeepers! . WE HAVE ALL SEEN THIUS: IN 2020, as Turkish F-war plans by violating sovereignty of Armenia destroyed Armenian fighter jet in the sky of Armenia , so called wrong ally , Russia did nothing! For Russia apparently France is a member of NATO, but NOT Turkey, which has sent not only terrorist form middle east, but its military to fight Karabakh Armenians At least, Armenia should try to reach an agreement with France and even with US as well Iran which will permit and allow these countries to attack Azerbaijani-Turkish forces within Armenia, without sending there troops to Armenia, . Armenia needs truly security guaranties against Turkish-Azerbaijani-Russian alliance as well aspiration of criminal puppet regime in Baku!

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