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Armenia, Azerbaijan Trade Accusations Of Border Fire

Armenia’s Defense Ministry reports that the Azerbaijani military fired on Armenian positions near the border village of Kut in the Gegharkunik Province and the village of Tegh in Syunik Province last night.

Tegh is the last Armenian village on the Goris-Stepanakert Highway before passing the border with Azerbaijan.

The ministry doesn’t specify what arms were used.

The ministry also refuted Azerbaijani claims that Armenian military units opened fire on Azerbaijani position along the southwestern portion of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

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!? “trade accusation” !?? At least a very strange , doubtful and wrong news head line form an Armenian news portal!. Is this not the aggressor Azerbaijan that has far reaching plans and seeking provocations!!? There are many indications and reasons to conclude that after Russia sold NK to Azerbaijan, Turkish-Russian alliance were hopping, with the help of Turkish puppet regime in Baku, to raise tensions at Armenian south boarders and create a pretext to move so called “Russian peacekeepers“ from NK to south of Armenia. The aim of Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani alliance was to create in Armenian Syunic region at least a disputed situation like in NK. The enemies of Armenia form Moscow to Ankara and from to Tel Aviv to Baku are very active … Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani alliance doesn't seek peace, but for different reasons looking for excuses to create tensions Russia is sounding no stop alarms as soon as a French or EU delegation is visiting Armenia .It is interesting that Russia has never been “angry” at Azerbaijan, which has received all kinds of support form NATO countries like, Turkey and GB and so on...! Betrayal of Armenia and NK authorities by Russia is a fact. Soon or later Turkish-Azerbaijani alliance will through out Russia from whole south Caucasus of Russian Federation!

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