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Pashinyan Says Moscow to Blame for Souring Relations

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan again accused Moscow as the main culprit for the recent deterioration of relations between Russia and Armenia.

Pashinyan, in a video post yesterday during a meeting with members of his Civil Contract party, said “we haven’t done anything wrong in our relations with Russia.”

The Armenian government leader said Moscow has yet to reply to “legitimate questions” raised by Yerevan regarding Armenia’s security arrangements with Russia, and by extension CSTO, and other matters.

The Kremlin has pushed back, claiming that Pashinyan’s government is pursuing policies that will severely damage relations with Russia and that the West is using Yerevan to push Russia out of the South Caucasus.

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Garo Badelyan
The current government of Armenia managed to anger all his neighbors, they are so busy digging a hole. .
No mother which government Armenia has, it should NOT trust any more Russia!! Russia handed NK to Turks as it did with Kars, Ardahan and other Armenian territories because all that in this or other way served only Russian short and long term interests, Russia is repeating the our bitter history in front of our eyes! Well, so called wrongly propagated “mother Russia” was believing it can play games and hand NK to Azerbaijan, allowing and motivating Azerbaijan to occupy Armenian territories and at the same time stay on the paper as so called“ ally of Armenia” and so on . Russia had made long before plans/policy that Russia can easily treat Armenia as it were a colony of of Russian Federation. Russia believes that threats facing Armenia from other two “trustworthy” Russian aggressive allies, Turkish-Azerbaijani-pan-turn alliance, will force Armenian even more in the „arms of so called mother Russia“ and making Armenia to believe or to count on Russian false security guaranties which are not paper worth written on it, as seen many times !

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