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Gayane Hovsepyan

Foreign Students Accuse Yerevan University of Money-Making Scheme

Foreign students attending Yerevan’s private Haybusak University claim the school required them to take a “qualifying” pretest before allowing them to take their final exams.

The students, mostly from India, Iran and Iraq, accuse the university of implementing the pretest as a money-making scheme.

Of the 360 students who took the pretest, only 140 passed. Those who failed say the school offered them the opportunity to take paid remedial courses.

One student told Hetq that a few of those who failed were severely depressed and attempted suicide.

Narineh Martirosyan, Haybusak’s Deputy Director for Foreign Students, denied the allegations of a money-making scheme and told Hetq the students were informed about the qualifying test in advance.

The students also contacted India’s ambassador to Armenia about the issue.

"Why should I pay? They want 400,000 drams for additional courses. It’s an illegal examination,” one student complained to Hetq.

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This is right , pretest is just for the student to check his knowledge not a criteria for a student to appear in the state exams . And also if we recheck the examination papers most of the students will for sure pass the exam and not fail . This is truly a money making scheme by haybusak university . I am so afraid to even give my name because we all know if we do we done for because its not a university its bunch of goons running that place and when we told the dean Mrs. Narine that we are severely depressed and some of us attempted suicide she literally laughed . I hope this reaches somewhere . Thanks
The thing is that before pre test exam they this said this is to test your knowledge no criteria was their . After result came they said the students who have less than 15 makrs out of 30 are not allowed for state exam. And the second thing is that they should inform the students they they can give this much diploma to students, they didn't did so they keep on taking addmission in order to make money till last year of diploma,now students are stuck in between they cannot even take transfer to other universities. It's future of more than 190 students. So please help us .
Deepanshu singh
There was no prior informed about the prestate exam being the qualifying exam for state exam. After the result they dropped the bomb on students that you all will not be allowed to attend in state exam. The denied accusations presented by the dean of international students are all lies , she even mentioned "I don't care if somebody dies , it's not my business " .
Himanshu Sharma
Thank you so much hetq jann plz make this possible this post to every page or every social platform. Or ministry of Armenian education so they come in a pressure..

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