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V&M: A Unique Brandy Combining Armenian Values and Elegant French Style

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"My work is driven by the desire to create a high-value and inspiring brand that has something to say, evokes emotions and unites people," says famous designer Julien Zilberman, the founder of one of the leading French design houses.

Apartment 103 had no idea about Armenia when an invitation of the Armenia Wine Company stirred his professional curiosity to discover the history and culture of this ancient country.

"In 2019, I received an interesting offer from the Armenia Wine Company to travel to Armenia, not as a partner but as a guest, to get to know Armenia and enjoy the warmth of the country," Zilberman recounts.

Armenia Wine Company's dedication to the history and culture of their country was contagious even thousands of kilometers away: and here I was in sunny and embracing Armenia, which made me fall in love from the very first minutes, both as a designer and as a tourist. My colleagues showed me a country where every corner is a source of inspiration. Armenia's artistic heritage, magnificent architecture, history, mythology, as well as the bright colors, lights and street life of Yerevan... this small country offered endless opportunities for creativity.

Julien Zilberman fondly remembers his acquaintance with Armenia and Armenia Wine years ago, how the Armenian wine company made the French designer create Armenian value with such enthusiasm.

"I was deeply impressed by the dedication of the Armenia Wine Company to create a high-quality product that reflected the Company's love and responsibility to their country and people."

The brandy, around which the philosophy of the Armenia Wine Company and the potential of the Apartment 103 design house were combined, undoubtedly had to become a brand that would show the world Armenia as my colleagues presented it to me.

Months of work, studies, many sketches and here is the design of "V&M" brandy... harmonious and exclusive, unique and handcrafted symphony, created from the perfect fusion of aromas, tastes, colors and emotions.

"We had a beautiful journey with Armenia Wine Company. the value system created by the Vardanyan and Mkrtchyan families, owners of the company, was endlessly inspiring for me, and the name V&M was born, capital letters that tell about the perseverance, dedication, love and responsibility of the Vardanyan and Mkrtchyan families. You can hardly find drinks in the world on which the owner himself leaves his signature. This his is a step to emphasize the honesty of the families. During the creation of the brand, every detail was born with this important goal: to create a brand about Armenia. The founders of the Company and their valueես gave me a brilliant idea. The Tree of Life, embodying the philosophy of the families, ancestral heritage and responsibility towards future generations, eventually became the main symbol of V&M brandy."

The famous French designer stresses that his cooperation with Armenia Wine Company would not have been so successful if it were not for the Company's endless pursuit of perfection and excellent results.

"Our creative path should certainly lead to a high-quality product, in which every detail is important: the label, the bottle, the cork... It was important to me to get them from the best manufacturers. The Armenia Wine company also showed a desire for excellence in this matter: bottles of French production, with authors’ solutions, which, thanks to the reflection of light and colors, wonderfully emphasize the liquid."

V&M brandy is truly unique. A product, which united Armenian values ​​and elegant French style in one name.

Together with the Armenia Wine Company, we are creating a unique era in the history of Armenian brandy-making, and the works on "V&M" 15-year-old brandy has already begun.

About Apartment 103 company

We are a design agency founded in Paris and operating worldwide. The agency has a professional team of designers and strategists who combine global experience, individual approach and thorough work with each brand, and contextualize each brand within its specific environment. “Apartment 103” values ​​working hand in hand with partners and finding the most precise and creative solutions together.

The company has been cooperating with world-famous companies for many years, creating and branding famous names.

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Vera Kessedjian
With appreciation for promoting Armenia's multi-faceted contributions to the world - its spirit, joy and passion to elevate through creativity.

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