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Armen Mirzoyan

CSTO Will Continue Without Armenia's Funding, Says Russian Diplomat

Moscow is not concerned over Armenia’s recent decision to stop funding the Russian-backed CSTO military alliance.

Russian Deputy Minister Alexander Pankin told reporters at the Russia-Islamic World Forum in the Russian city of Kazan that CSTO can exist without Armenia’s money.

"From a military-political point of view, Armenia's future direction towards the CSTO will be determined both by the national interests of that country, which it must well imagine and understand, as well as by the capabilities of that country to ensure its own security," Pankin said at the event designed to strengthen economic ties between Russia and Muslim countries.

Armenia, earlier this month, announced it would no longer make financial contributions to CSTO. This follows Armenia’s decision to suspend its membership in CSTO.

Pankin said Armenia and Russia are “reliable CSTO allies” and expressed the hope that the two countries can iron-out any disagreements on the matter.

The Armenian government had criticized CSTO for not fulfilling its security obligations considering Azerbaijan’s seizure of Armenian territory.

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