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Hrant Gadarigian

Did Turkey’s Interior Minister Actually Refer to Armenians Among Dead Kurdish “Terrorists”?

A news report in today’s Azerbaijani Trend news agency, referring to the Turkish newspaper Sabah article, alleges that the Interior Minister of Turkey, Idris Naim Sahin recently stated that of the 170 “terrorists” of the Kurdistan Workers' Party recently killed in a Turkish military operation in the Hakkiri district, some were Armenian citizens.

According to the Trend news item, Sahin said that half of 170 “terrorists” were foreigners and that along with Armenian citizens, there were also citizens of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Israel.

I did find an article about the Turkish offensive which quotes Sahin as saying:

"As of yesterday, findings show that in operations staged since July 23rd-24th, 115 terrorists have been rendered inactive. Operations were concentrated mainly from the air. Our security forces also took measures to prevent the terrorist organization's militants from crossing back into Northern Iraq."

I also checked Google news and found that certain international media outlets (Fox News, The Associate Press, and The Telegraph) also picked up on Sahin’s comments about the military offensive against the KWP but there was no mention of Armenians or other “foreigners” among the 115 dead “terrorists”.

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yes he did make such an announcement: check this website: http://gundem.bugun.com.tr/
nebula retina
It is unfortunately more common then mentioned in the media. Military circle who served in easter turkey have been saying that for a long time, just the political circle have been quite about it. Many military officers say about 20% of all pkk captured or killed are armenian nationals or armenian turks, the armenian turks destroy face of their fallen comrades so the turkish government won't go after their families.....

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