Narek Aleksanyan

Government Seizes Book of Yeghishe Charents' Unpublished Works

At a press conference today in Yerevan, Davit Gasparyan claimed that a book he has edited containing the heretofore unpublished works of Yeghishe Charents has been seized by the Armenian government.

Gasparyan, who daid he had devoted 15 years to researching the book entitled Girk Mnatsortats, claimed that Anahit Charents, the daughter of Yeghishe Charents, had demanded that the government seize the 500 copies of the book of the shelves of bookstores.

Gasparyan avoided commenting on why the book, which had been published at government expense, was subsequently seized.

He promised to republish the book at his own expense if it wasn’t released for sale.