Grisha Balasanyan

Qarakert's Potholed Streets Get Repaired; President Sargsyan Must be Coming for Votes

The village of Qarakert, in Armenia’s Armavir Provice, is bustling with unprecedented activity.

President Sargsyan will make a campaign stop in the tiny community tomorrow as he swings through Armavir.

In preparation, workers have been seen filling the potholed streets with red gravel.

When asked if the community was paying for the last minute repairs, Qarakert Mayor Mher Hartenyan pondered for a moment and then responded, “No, the road construction company is doing the work. They made repairs on December 28 as well.”

Local residents say the village is being spruced up just for President Sargsyan, noting that nothing would be done for another candidate.

Mayor Hartenyan said his community faces a number of problems but wouldn’t divulge which ones he will broach with the president.

“Come by tomorrow and hear for yourselves,” were his parting words.