Grisha Balasanyan

Armavir Mayor Back at Work; Municipal Council Celebrates at Restaurant

 It appears that Armavir Mayor Ruben Khlghatyan’s request to resign has been overturned by President Serzh Sargsyan himself.

Khlghatyan’s request had been accepted by the town’s municipal council just the other day.

Yesterday, council members held a party at a nearby restaurant to welcome Khlghatyan back.

Relatives of Khlghatyan have been spreading reports that Serzh Sargsyan even told him that he would be mayor for life.

Such news has thrown Armavir residents for a loop since most want to see the back of Khlghatyan as soon as possible.

With Ruben Khlghatyan back as mayor, many suggest that Armavir Regional Governor Ashot Ghahramanyan, the Republican Party campaign manager in the province, will be held accountable for failing to garner a substantial number of votes for Sargsyan.