Grisha Balasanyan

Karen Haroutyunyan: "We will continue the struggle regardless of what Raffi does"

Karen Haroutyunyan is one of the activists who interrupted a press conference of the OSCE/ODIHR election monitors in the Armenia Marriott Hotel on February 19.

Karen and his friends are still participating in post-election protest actions in Armenia.

“We knew that the election would be rigged from the start. None of us accept the election results and the fake president. That’s why we’ve declared a series of civil disobedience actions. We shall cooperate with all those fighting in the name of the public interest, democracy and in defense of the constitution,” Karen told Hetq.

Karen said he placed no hope in Armenia’s Constitutional Court which must review the petitions of Raffi Hovannisian and Andreas Ghoukasyan to get the vote annulled.

“The Court isn’t an independent body. It’s part of the chain of electoral fraud machine, like the Central Electoral Commission. It doesn’t serve its official function. The Court’s mission is simply to verify the fraudulent election and that is exactly what it will do if there isn’t a public reaction. The public will definitely call all the judges on the Court to account for their crimes against the people,” Karen said.

He said that Raffi Hovannisian had assumed a heavy burden of responsibility and that the people would not forgive him if he backed down in the fight for democracy.

“A situation has been created where many citizens have understood that they should no longer look for saviours but take responsibility themselves. They are ready to continue the struggle regardless of what Raffi does. That’s what I have pledged to do,” Karen said.