Hovannisan Wraps-Up 2 Day Regional Tour; International Women’s Day Celebration on March 8

Raffi K. Hovannisian has just completed a two-day regional victory tour, which began yesterday in Tavush, where exuberant crowds turned up in town squares to mark the February 18 victory of the Armenian people.

He was joined en route by Vigen Khachatryan—the former governor of the Lori region, who has publically dedicated himself to the popular movement—along with Zaruhi Postanjyan and Styopa Safaryan of the Heritage party. 

In Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Berd, and several stops in between, Hovannisian vowed to continue his struggle until the people’s victory is registered officially. When confronted with illegal tactics of police intimidation, Hovannisian was quick to call the chief of police in Yerevan, demanding that the right of free assembly be immediately reinstated. As a result, all blockades were lifted, and Hovannisian continued freely to mark his victory across the land. “Our movement is unstoppable,” he declared. “The authorities have understood that they must face the people’s verdict.”

On March 7, after an early breakfast meeting with Norbert Lammert, President of the Bundestag, the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hovannisian hit the road again and headed for Talin, then for Artik, then for repeat visits to Gyumri, Vanadzor, Spitak, and Aparan. He was fierce as ever as he stirred the impressive crowds to hope and action. “I have come again,” Hovannisian told a massive crowd in Gyumri. “And I will come again after this. And with each visit we will grow stronger. And one day soon we shall see the fruits of our victory. We shall see a free, democratic, and prospering Armenia.” 

On March 8, Raffi Hovannisian will preside over a celebration of International Women’s Day at Liberty Square, where popular singers, political leaders, and civic activists will converge at 5pm to honor Armenian mothers, sisters, and daughters.