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Hrant Gadarigian

Raffi Hovannisian: “The next time I go to Baghramyan 26 it will be as the people’s elected representative”

At a press conference today in Freedom Square, a defiant Raffi Hovannisian declared that the next time he goes to the Presidential Office on Baghramyan Avenue it will be as “the duly representative of the people.”

Hovannisian reiterated that Sargsyan won the official vote on February 18 through vote rigging, fraud and outright bribery.

Echoing a declaration he made at yesterday’s public rally, Hovannisian said that Sargsyan would be sworn in on April 9 “over his dead body” and again cautioned Catholicos Garegin II to refrain from taking part and thus besmirching the Bible and the RA Constitution.

The Heritage Party leader also rejected claims made by the Presidential Office that he had rejected an offer made by Serzh Sargsyan to meet and discuss solutions out of the present political crisis.

“Such a claim is an outright lie. I have always said that I am open to discussions with Mr. Sargsyan to resolve this situation. However, as I have stated, Mr. Sargsyan must meet me half way. So far, I have only received outright rejections of all possible options,” Hovannisian told reporters.

He said that he would remain in Freedom Square until the Constitutional Court issues a verdict regarding his petition to have the February 18 presidential election annulled.

If the Constitutional Court fails to annul the election, Hovannisian will remain in the square until April 9.

The next public rally has been scheduled for Friday, March 15.

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