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43,657 Visited Ani in 2012

A Hurriyet news article says that 43,657 visitors travelled to the ancient Armenian city of Ani, almost double the 23,400 that visited in 2011.

Kars Culture and Tourism Manager Hakan Doganay said there were a total of 21 main cultural treasures in Ani. "In fact, we call Ani an iceberg because we know there is a lot to discover and excavate at Ani," he said.

Doganay added that if excavations are completed at the site, it could become one of Turkey's top tourism sites.

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Over the last 15 years Ani has been destroyed as an historical site, and it is now almost devoid of interest for an ordinary tourist. I created VirtualAni.org 15 years ago to document that destruction. Foreign visitors to Ani go there because of old descriptions of Ani and guidebooks are always dated. They travel to eastern Turkey under the delusion that they are going somewhere exotic and unusual. It is now neither. 1980s Ani is long gone. Once Ani's current condition becomes the standard description, visitor numbers will rapidly dwindle. About 50% of the visitors are Turks, mostly from the Kars area. The best way to describe them is automatons: there is no thought process involved in their visit, they go to pass an idle afternoon and because they see foreigners wanting to go there.
Breaks my heart.. Once a beautiful city now in ruins, desecrated by the barbaric Turks. Glad to know that the Turks are profiting off destroying our country's history.

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