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Sara Petrosyan

The Vision of a “Better Yerevan”

These photos were taken within the building located at 17 Nansen Street in the 1st Nor Nork district.

While the building supposedly does have a “management committee”, the accompanying photos prove that it exists in name only.

The main gas pipe is damaged, so residents are careful to leave the main entrance open in order to avoid any potential explosion.

Nothing has been done to fix the problem in the past two years, despite numerous visits by gas company workers.

Residents have also come to terms with the vermin that reside in the uncollected trash.

Comments (8)

These photos of garbage and their resident rats do not only reflect filth of a rodent-infested district, but the filth is also reflective of people's character; lacking pride, responsibility. Albeit we are looking at a corrupt, failing system of government agencies and municipalities. Ordinary people should also have a tiny sliver of pride as well. People who cause this, must also know what a broom, with a little elbow grease, can do.
Nor-Norq-um vorosh bakerum asfalte karkatanner en anum u ahvor anvorak, gumarac dran 2-u posic mekn en cackum anastavacnery, hamarelov ajqic heru ter e, tesnory chi tesni, bayc moranalov vor jorovurdy piti dra gnhatakany ta, kam el nman qaylerov krkin apacucum en vor irenq mek e en u gnhatakan talu kariq chen zgum.
fotonerum hastat Yerevan e, te vomanq internetov en nayum Yerevanin yes inqs Nor-Norqi bnakich em u hastat xndrelu, arachelu ban chunem dranc, qani vor da irenc partakanutyun er!! u piti anein inchpes vor harkn er, bayc cavoq da chi arvum Nor-Norq-um, yev yete arbin lav nayes cer oligaxi supermarketi celofane toprak knkates, isk nman ban baci Yerevanic ayl ter ches gtni, heriq e jorovurdin molorutyn mech qceq.
Я своими глазами видела этот ужас ,которые сейчас показан на фотографиях! это дом в ужасной состоянии!
yerevan city-i celafonneric erevi ispaniayum el ka xabar chenq
Ays nkarner@ iroq ahavor en u sut chen.qani vor es gitem ayd shenq@,tariner araj ayntex em bnakvel,monchev hima tesaran@ chi poxvel.qaylumes astichannerov Isk arnetner@ vazum en votqerit takov.
I sympathise, but I think the inhabitants can organise to pick up their own trash right?
It is an indication to me of how hopeless they must feel. They know how corrupt their government is, their Church has failed them and they cannot imagine the situation getting better. Yet, if there is anyone there who can inspire them to make just their own surrounding cleaner and demonstrate that one small corner cleaned up can lift their spirits and teach their children to work to improve a bit, perhaps. they will attempt it. Is there a sanitation department that picks up trash and is it affordable for those who are jobless and financially troubled.?

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