Grisha Balasanyan

ARF MP to Ministers: "The people would beat you up in the streets"

ARF MP Vahan Hovhannisyan labelled the recent attempts by the government to defend its platform for the next five years as a “circus performance”.

Hovhannisyan took the podium at the National Assembly and declared that it wasn’t correct to deceive the people since the country “was on the brink” in terms of survivability.

The MP personally addressed a number of government ministers present in the parliament and said that standing on their own merits, without the backing of the president, the police and the prosecutor’s office, they would never get elected to any office in the land.

“The people would beat you so badly in the streets that not only would you never appear in the parliament but that you would emigrate. You have merely created a system whereby you reproduce and declare that you have won,” Hovhannisyan said.