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Narek Aleksanyan

Protesting Transportation Price Hike, Activists Stage Sit-Down at Yerevan Municipality

This morning a score of protesters pushed past police to sit down on the steps leading to the Yerevan Municipality to oppose transportation price hikes that go into effect tomorrow,

Commuters using buses and minivans will have to pay 150 (36 U.S. cents) as opposed to 100 AMD, while trolleybus passengers will pay 100 (24 cents) as opposed to 50 AMD.

Police made a half-heartened attempt to keep the activists from gathering on the steps of the municipality building.

The protesters, by then encircled by a phalanx of policemen, then threw 50 AMD pieces over their heads towards the municipality entrance.

One the coins hit Albert Gevorgyan, a mayoral advisor who was speaking to a reporter at the time, in the head. After being struck by the coin, Gevorgyan refused to answer any more questions and went back inside.

The protesters argue that the price hikes are unjustified and will merely go to further fill the pockets of those who own the transportation routes.

A young protester is seen in the top photo carrying a sign calling on drivers to join the struggle.

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