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"Beyond Yerevan" - An Uncommon Beauty: Hiking Around Lake Gosh

Vasken Brudian 

A place where the Gods reside? Or is this the heaven we have been searching for?

At least that is the sense one gets when in the presence of this extraordinary and strange beauty. I say strange because in my own life at least, I have rarely been confronted with so much alluring beauty, calmness, tranquility, and a seductive manifestation of nature’s splendor.

Lake Gosh is located in the Tavoush region of Armenia, near the villages of Ganja and Gosh.

Our hike started from Goshavank, and from there, a muddy, steep climb to an altitude of approximately 1550 meters (5000 feet). It is roughly one and a half hours to two hours to reach this point. But once you get here, you realize that a “heaven-like" place like this should not be an easy stroll.

Comments (3)

Very Hoyagab
just heavenly beautiful and a dreamland place to see.
I hiked that same route but downhill from the Barz lake to Goshavank in Early September .I could have only guessed how much more beautiful it would have been in the late fall .And having gone up the mountain opposite to our route I can only Imagine at the end of your ardous task what you felt when you got to the lake.Thank you for sharing your experience.

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