Zaruhi Mejlumyan

Vardan Petrosyan's Attorney - 'My client wasn't driving under the influence'

The lawyer of Vardan Petrosyan, the actor involved in a deadly car accident on October 20, is preparing to file an appeal against the detention of his client.

Nikolay Baghdasaryan told Hetq that there are no legal grounds for the detention and that the court has overlooked this fact.

Two were killed and six injured in one of the cars involved in the accident.  

After the accident, rumors had spread that the actor had been under the influence while at the wheel.

Attorney Baghdasaryan also told Hetq that on October 25 he had contact the Nayri Medical Center, where the injured actor had been transferred, to find out if Petrosyan had indeed been DWI on the day of the accident.

On October 31, the attorney claims he received a response from the Center’s director, saying that a preliminary examination of Petrosyan immediately after being admitted to the hospital found no traces of alcohol.