Signatures of Sargsyan, Kjoyan on Cyprus Registry Document to be Tested for Authenticity

In an attempt to close the as yet unresolved offshore financial scandal involving Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Ararat Diocese Locum Tenens Archbishop Navasart Kjoyan, a team of police investigators travelled to Cyprus in September to verify if the signatures of the two on a company registry document were fake or not.

A Hetq police source now says the signatures have been sent for expert verification.

After Hetq broke the story several months ago, implicating Sargsyan and Kjoyan in a tangled offshore web of intrigue involving a company called Wilspera Holdings Ltd, the two have constantly disavowed any connection to the company.

The names of Sargsyan and Kjoyan appear on Wilspera’s registry document, at the Cyprus State Registry, as equal shareholders in the company along with a third man, Ashot Sukiasyan.

The scandal involves a $10.7 million loan issued by AmeriaBank, that later disappeared after being transferred to three offshore companies; one of which was Wilspera Holdings.