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Kolkota Armenian Clergyman Rebuts Charges of Mismanagement and Election Fraud

The following letter was sent to Hetq by Very Rev. Father Zaven Yazichyan, Pastor and Manager of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy in Kolkota.

Father Yazichyan refutes a number of claims appearing in the November 26 Hetq Opinion piece entitled Armenian Election Woes in India: Millions in Assets at Stake.

Today  it  is  not  unusual  for miscreants  to  create  a  scandal  out  of  nothing  and  to  tarnish  a persons’ reputation without much deliberation. And what makes it worse is the readiness of the media  to publish without proof of  its veracity, articles written by such miscreants who do not have the courage to name themselves and instead assume the title of “Anonymous”. 

Hence,  it was  not without  anguish  that  I  read  the  article  titled  “Armenian Election Woes  in India:  Millions  in  Assets  at  Stake”  on  hetq.am.  I  do  not  wish  to  demean  myself  to argue with a nameless person; however I would like to make some clarification:

The Armenians  have  been  connected with  India  as  traders  from  the  days  of  antiquity. They came to  this  country by  the overland  route,  through Persia, Afghanistan  and Tibet  and were well established in all the commercial centers long before the advent of any European traders. Nevertheless,  the Armenian community prospered and developed during  the 16th century.  In the early 18th century the Indian subcontinent was faced with a severe crisis. Fierce civil strife between Indians and Europeans as well as between the European powers themselves (England and France), resulted in the victory and subsequent expansion of the British rule in India. It is during  this  period  of  political  upheaval  and  unrest  that  the Armenian  community  sought  to reestablish  their  socio-cultural  identity  and  not  just  restrict  themselves  to  be  a  vibrant commercial community. This was one of the reasons that urged them to build churches (there are  five  churches  in West Bengal,  the oldest one was built  in 1688)  in  their  settlements  and invite priests from Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia. As always and everywhere  in the entire world the Armenian Church was considered as the centre of all community activities, so the Armenians in India were and are not exceptions.

The  Armenians  in  India  considered  it  their  patriotic  duty  to  build  churches  and  provide educational facilities (one of the most important phenomena for the Armenian educational and cultural  life  in  the  Indian-Armenian  Spiritual  Pastorate  is  the  Armenian  College  and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) and Davidian Girls’ School (DGS) of Kolkata. It may surely be said that it is one of a kind. It has been existing for almost two centuries and is still serving its  noble  purpose  by  educating  students  and  imparting  knowledge  and  wisdom  to  young Armenian  children  from  India  and  abroad)  for  their  compatriots  in  order  to  preserve  their religion,  language,  literature  and  national  identity.  To  the  Armenians,  Christianity  is  the religion  of  the  heart  and  not  of  the  head.  It  is  evident  from  the  gallant  and  simple  records illuminated with the tears of saints and glorified with the blood of martyrs.

Among all the Armenian Apostolic churches in India, The Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, is  the  oldest  Armenian  Church  in  Kolkata  and  plays  a  unique  and  important  role  as  it  is considered  to  be  the Mother Church  of  the  Indian-Armenians  Spiritual  Pastorate. And  as  in everywhere  in all dioceses, parishes, pastorates, communities or  in any organizations, armies, offices  or  in  businesses  there  is  a  set  of written  rules  that  are  accepted  by  all  people  living together; first to generate a degree of trust and coordination that is necessary for people to live together as well as to specify how the administration will be constituted, and who will have the authority to take which decisions.

The  Indian-Armenian  Spiritual  Pastorate  is  subject  to  internal  and  external  rules,  order  and discipline.  Every  aspect  and  institution  of  human  civilization  requires  some  form  of government to prevent injustice and maintain order and govern a group properly It is said: that if men were  angels,  no  government would  be  necessary.  If  angels were  to  govern men,  no controls on government would be necessary. Unfortunately, it is not like that.

Therefore, our ancestors being well aware of  it, created bylaws for Indian-Armenian Spiritual Pastorate which we call Scheme.  In which  it  is clearly stated who and how  Indian Armenian identity has to be protected and preserved and passed to future generations. 

According  to  the  Scheme  every  four  years  in  the  Indian-Armenian  Spiritual  Pastorate  the Armenian  community  of Kolkata  assembles  to  elect  a  new  committee who will  protect  and preserve  the  Armenian  inheritance  and  pass  it  to  future  generations.  The  practice  of  the Armenian community  in Kolkata of assembling  together  to elect a new committee  is not new and the gossip surrounding it is also quite an old ritual, something I believe will unfortunately, continue  forever  and  never  stop. What  astonishes me  is  the  disposition  of  some  people  to escalate  such  baseless  gossip  into  a  sensational  mudslinging  affair,  by  trying  to  lend  it credibility through publications in the media. Either such individuals have a lot of spare time, or  they  do  not  know  how  to  utilize  the  limited  time  in  our  lives  in  a  prudent  and  righteous manner, knowing very well that the day of the Lord will come.

The  Scheme  clearly  states who  are  eligible  for  election; who  can  vote  and  can  be  elected. Hence  I  would  like  to  talk  about  specifically  what  has  been  written  in  this  article.  In  my opinion whosoever wrote this article is either a preposterous liar trying to undermine the peace of society or  is himself/herself not aware of  the  rules governing  the election procedure  in  the Indian-Armenian community.

“…recent election has included getting four clergymen and four Armenians from Armenia” 

Firstly,  the  clergy  robe  or  vestments  do  not  prevent  the  clergy  from  being  Armenians  and hence a part of the community. The clergy have been in the community from the first day when the  community was  established,  because  it  is  their  duty  to  be  present wherever  there  is  an Armenian  establishment,  to guide  them  to happiness  and partake  in  their  sadness. Yet  again according  to The Scheme, whosoever,  lay or  clergyman,  receives charity  from  the church or lives  in  the  property  of  the Church  is  not  eligible  to  vote. Manager, Assistant manager  and Armenian  teachers  are  employees  of  the  Armenian  College  and  Philanthropic  Academy (ACPA).  None  of  them  receive  any  charity  from  the  church  and  none  of  them  live  in  the property  that belongs  to  the Church. ACPA  is a  totally  separate body with  its own  rules and constitution. Secondly, there were four clergies in Kolkata during the summer months and now there are only two. Moreover, there are other strict criteria in The Scheme that one must meet before he/she can be allowed to vote. Only two clergies took part in the election. 

The Indian-Armenians I am sure are proud and  truly happy  to have  two priests because  there are so many Armenian communities that desire to have at least one visiting priest, so they can have Divine Liturgy  at  least  once  a month,  but  due  to  shortage  of  the  number  of Armenian priests, they are unable to enjoy the benefits of having one.

“…what was the reason for inviting these clerics six months prior to the November 10 election date… these clerics are archimandrites and bishops. Such a situation leads one to speculate as to their hidden agenda”    

Again  there  is no archimandrites and bishops  in Kolkata and no one was  invited  six months prior  to  the November 10  election date;  there  is  one married priest with his  family who has been living in Kolkata for more than three years and there is the newly appointed manager who had  to come  to Kolkata almost a year before his actual appointment,  to  learn and understand 3 the cultural differences and responsibilities of  the managerial position for a smooth  transition of chair.   

It is a complete lie that it in the history of the Annual General Meeting it is the first time that the  clergymen  have  participated  in  the  election.  Research  the  history,  who  advised  the community  to  have  a  Scheme,  a  written  document,  so  Indian-Armenians  could  keep  their identity so far from Motherland. 

“One might ask what four clerics are doing in India, where only 200 Armenians remain. Why aren’t they  in  places  where  there  are  40,000  Armenians  and  no  priests  –  Syria,  Ethiopia  and  Syria,  and elsewhere - where there is a need for holy men to save wandering souls?”     

Honestly, this is too much. I am wondering whether this person (whoever he or she is) has ever seriously thought what s/he wrote or is able to show on the map where Syria, Ethiopia is or tell how many Armenian Churches we have  there or how many priest are currently serving  there.

My suggestion to the writer would be to get his facts correct before saying, writing or let alone publishing anything. 

“What  exactly  are  the  clerics  doing  in  return  for such  luxurious  salaries? While  a  cleric  in Armenian  average  receives,  say,  $100  a  month,  in  India  they  receive  $2000  to  $3000, including benefits.”

 As  the Pastor of  Indian Armenian Spiritual Pastorate and Manager of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, I would refrain from disclosing the modest salary we receive and yet how I wish this allegation was true, not that I would know what to do with that monumental a paycheck.

“The Girls School has been closed  for 5 years now, and all  the  thirty girls are staying at  the  re staying at  the  re staying at  the  re staying at  the boys’  hostel. Does  the  school  administrator  intend  to  sell  the  girls  school, which  is  a  trust property? What about  the safety of  the young girls surrounded by celibate clerics and young  teenage boys?”     

The  DGS  is  currently  under  construction  and  the  delays  are  due  to  the  long  process  of obtaining  legal permission  for  renovations under  the  Indian Government  laws. Hopefully by the beginning of 2015 we will have all necessary paperwork done and will start construction of Davidian  Girls’  School  which  will  reopen  in  2017,  wherein  it  will  have  the  capacity  to accommodate more than 200 Armenian kids. No one has any intention of selling the DGS, for it  is  a  trust  property  and  it  is  under  the  kind  donation  of  the  Church  committee  that  this renovation project will become a reality. 

We as school administrators understand and leave no stone unturned in providing safety to the young Armenian girls on the highest level. We have appropriate women staff appointed 24/7 to look after the girls. 

To a few Armenians, who wish to remain anonymous:

I am not upset that you lied; I am just upset that many readers believed and got upset and from now on the person who would think logically cannot believe you anymore.   

For  the  senior  Indian-Armenians  we  have  the  Old  Age  Home  which  is  situated  near  The Armenian Chapel of St. Gregory the Illuminator near the Park Circus. This Home caters to the welfare of the needy. The church and the Home are taken care of by the Church Committee of Holy Nazareth as well. 

Dear author please verify your information, because even in the list of committee member you mentioned have erred, you have named people who are not  in  the committee and never were.  Furthermore,  I wonder  how  you  being  a  recipient  of  charity  from  the Church  can  say  such hurtful things to the Church and His servants who have helped you in times of need. Your way of thanking them appalls me.   

As  the Pastor of  Indian-Armenian Spiritual Pastorate and manager of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy  I  invite everyone  to come and see  for  themselves how we  live  in  the ACPA. It is open to everyone and at all times. All Armenians must be proud that we are trying to do our best to keep the Armenian heritage and flag flying high and shining brightly in India.  We  are  open  to  comments  and  advice  for  improvement  and  development,  but  lies  and dishonesty will always be rejected. I implore Indian Armenians not to be misled by the words of  people who  are  simply  trying  to  divide,  confuse,  and  ruin  the  bonds  of  love within  the community. I pray  to God Almighty  to grant everyone wisdom and  to forgive people who  lie and show them the right path in life.  

May God the almighty have mercy on you and grant you forgiveness of all your transgressions of the past and the present. May he deliver you from those that are to come, confirm you in all good works, and give you rest in the life of the age to come. Amen  

With love and blessings,

Very Rev. Father Zaven Yazichyan

Pastor and Manager

Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy

56B, Mirza Ghalib Street (Free School Street), 

Kolkata - 700 016, West Bengal, India 

Tel: +91 (033) 4010 9051 / 22299051

Fax: +91 (033) 22275869   

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.armeniancollege.edu.in  


 “I am sure  they don’t know  the Indian culture or even how  to hail a cab or read and write  in English. Do they college degrees in management?”

 After this article I hope there will be no doubt on my English reading/writing capabilities. And hopefully if my duty permits me free time to step outside the ACPA, you’ll surely see me hail a cab, or better still use the more humble public transport like the metro, bus and auto-rikshaw. And with  regard  to  the  college degrees,  I  invite  everyone  to visit my office where  there  are three  diplomas  hanging  on  the  wall.  It  is  not  like  some  people  tried  to  false  their  baptism certificate prior November 10; I have earned them throughout my hard work.  

Being a Pastor  is not a “privileged clergymen”  it  is a duty, when one of  the senior Armenian was having a health problem, no one where next to him, even his own children, because there were living their lives overseas in calm and peace that “privileged clergymen” who donated his own blood in the middle of the night and save him, and that Church committee who took care of all his hospital bills and expenses. The hospital has all records, thank God. 

Comments (42)

Seems like the Armenian College has been turning out racists and is run by racists ? I have received an inbox from ANDRE SHAFRAZIAN... https://www.facebook.com/andre.shafrazian Andre Shafrazian Hi Mr Max, may I know what are you up to regarding the Armenian church & the school?? are you an Armenian by birth from both parents?
Mr MAX GALSTAUN, are you a pure Armenian ? are both your parents pure Armenians ?? if you sit on that damn chair in the church committee what would you do ??
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan, I have a question ??? during my 10 years of schooling no one came from Armenia & Ejmiacin to see what is going on in Armenian college & the church, only one or two priests were send to Calcutta & no one gave a damn to the students of the Armenian college, now may I know what is so fascinating that has brought so much interest to Ejmiacin & so many priests of Armenia that come to Calcutta regularly ???? did you know that all the fund of the school & the church of India is the asset of Armenians of Iran ?? I know very well that Ejmiacin can't close his eyes with all this cash that is in Calcutta, but try to understand why the Armenians of Iran put up this fund for, the Armenians of Iran are not dead yet that Ejmiacin is trying to swallow the cash, no matter how educated you or other priests are the place of a priest is in the church only & not to direct or manage a school, this fund was not meant for looting, but to educate Armenian children for free, so if you are a man of God then please use the fund of the church to educate Armenian children as much as possible, in this way you have fulfilled you mission as a good Armenian priest.
So this is how things are forgotten in the Armenian Social Society! Unanswered , Un recognised, Un interesting, Un necessary and above all 'just leave it' and let time cover up all shady deals. Why is the pastor silenced, why is the committee silenced and why is now the media silenced?
We are all waiting impatiently for the Pastor Zaven and the Church committee to write and tell us what the current situation is. I would be very pleased to hear from the Pastor on the allegations that are made against the Committee and the Clergymen.
So many commentas!!!! what is the now situation of what is happening in Kolokata? reading all that is happened is very shyeful for any community. Are there no good courts and judges in Kolokata? I recomend there to be a new election and good one. So many Armenians also live in Iran and middle east but this kolokata is very crazy. Do not let any priest rule your committe and Armenian fighting for right have to fight again and again. I would like to all Armenians comes together and find a good way. Where is the priest and why is not writing. All Armenians be careful they slowly take all. I would like to help but I say that all have to also know. I will tell others and when visit Inida I will see all this people. keep figting and do not given up. more reporters have to write and let all other know.
Anthranick Khatchaturian
Dear Fr. Zaven, 1. I am a baptised Armenian, although I should point out that not being such so should surely not make me any less of an Armenian? Do I have to be a Catholc to be an Italian? 2. I am the only person on this thread to be taking legal action against the Holy Church of Nazareth and have thus far remained silent, but now feel obliged to respond. For your information – and for the viewing public at large – I will soon be moving against the college too. 3. I have been resident in Kolkata since mid-March, my passport says so and the church lawyers have been serving me with caveats, posted to my home address. 4. Points 1&3 make me an eligible voter in the church elections. A church, I hasten to add, built by my ancestors. A plaque on the interior of the walls evidences this. 5. A few days before the elections (8th Nov), well before I had taken legal recourse, I walked into the church lawyers’ office and requested an arbitration meeting wth the church committee, to which the lawyer agreed. It was attended by Susan Reuben, Sunil Sobti, Michael Dutt and Peter Hyrapiet. Max Galstaun and I represented the opposition. A very good and informative session ensued, during which Ms. Reuben even gave me a copy of my baptism certificate. Many issues were discussed, concerns were raised and addressed and it was here that Ms. Reuben told us about the 300 students due to come from Armenia to fill up the college and the girls school. Mr. Sobti also confirmed the presence of the ‘tourists’, although he stated that they were here for an Armenian cultural event being held in November. 6. In relation to the tourists, could you please tell us a) how many there were b) who funded them c) how long did they stay for d) what criteria was used to select them and e) what was the final cost? 7. On the day before the elections, my sources informed me that the church had taken Police action against me. I went to Burrabazaar Police Station (the one which covers the church and adjoining neighbourhood) where it was confirmed to me that a restraining order – alleging that I would commit a breach of the peace – had indeed been taken out against me in spite of me attempting a good faith meeting, in spite of me acting with the best of intentions, my own church too this action against me. Fr. Zaven – can you explain this? I am very happy to provide you with the supporting evidence, at your convenience. 8. On election day, the entire church premises was surrounded by Police – a practice started by Sonia John – this was dsconcerting enough, but later a truck load of approximately 40 Indian men arrived and were provided seating by the church guards, and the leader of these men accessed and egressed the church freely. Upon me highlighting my alarm to the senior Police officer on site, he asked them why they were there. Their response was for “chai pani” – colloquial speak for waiters. They were then chased away by the Police. Fr. Zaven – can you please inform us a) who these men were b) why there were more waiters than Armenians c) who funded this d) how much did it cost? Once again, supporting evidence is available. 9. Let’s go back in time – as you will know, the church scheme quite clearly states that a general meeting of the Armenian community shall be called once a year to inspect church accounts. This has not been done in decades. Fr Zaven – do you intend to reinstate this legal practice? 10. The church scheme also clearly states that ALL members of the Armenian community are entitled to attend the church elections, but only those who meet the criteria can vote. It further states that the Chairman ‘shall be the sole arbitor’ on matters of who is entitled to vote. I have evidence that Susan Reuben and Queenie Sobti placed such as advertisement n the newspapers and wrote such a letter, inviting the community to attend. The illegal practice of issuing voting slips and barring the community from attendance has come into being. Fr. Zaven – what are your views on this? 11. There is an allegation that on Palm Sunday this year, a member of the clergy forced a girl to commit an act of oral sex upon him. Fr. Zaven – every student and member of the community here knows about this, please confirm you are not? Allow me the grace to anticipate your response – no student will dare speak out for fear of being placed on the next flight back to Armenia. 12. The church donated money for the construction of the Armenian Embassy in Delhi. Fr. Zaven – is it the case that the sovereign government of Armenia is a recipient of charity? Making it, quite possibly, the only such government in the world? 13. The church has stated in a court document that it is having a problem with one of their tenants at a certain property. That tenant is a multi million rupee construction company. The church has given Rs 75 lakhs to that company’s NGO. Fr. Zaven – are you aware of this fraud? For the church lawyers – yes, I am moving contempt of court proceedings against your clients. 14. The church has given many crores to various medical institutions across the city. Fr. Zaven – can you tell us how many Armenians were treated at these hospitals? 15. Let’s go back to the scheme, this time the Davidian scheme – if you have read it, you will know that one of the criteria for admission is that at least one of the parents needs to have been resident in Cal for 3 years. Fr. Zaven – are you aware of this and do you intend to honour it? 16. Judge Altamas Kabir, along with the then screening committee, came to the conclusion – and therefore a court order – that an Armenian is one due to paternal descent. Fr. Zaven - As you are a law obiding citizen, can you confirm to us that ALL members of the current church committee are Armenian by paternal descent, and are therefore not in contempt of court? Fr. Zaven, as you will see from the above my tone is a respectful one and my hopes and plans for the church and wider community are to protect and preserve it for, primarily, the local Armenians and then by all means, all Armenians. As I have done before, and am wholly willing to do again, I am entirely willing to sit at a table to discuss and resolve these decades old issues. There is a new generation of us coming forward now, we are prepared to chellenge every instance of wrongdoing for decades to come. You and I can end this by talking. I await your responses to the above, and to an invitation for a coffee.
If I am not mistaken Fr. Zaven knew English fluently since the seminary, and moreover, was one of the best in English. This antagonism against him can only tell about his hard work and success. The Armenian community in India knows this.
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Anthranick Khatchaturian. The church committee gave you your baptism certificate, even though you have been register by Andrew Goldstein, or Anthranick Khatchatur, or whoever you are register under; the church committee gave you the cope of your baptism certificate, I wish you meet the criteria of the Scheme, unfortunately, you have not. You did not have resident permit, primary resident address, you haven’t been Kolkata resident more then several mount, which is mention in the Scheme. You can soon move against the college, against to me, I do not really care, as I don’t care what your father-dear person (Max Galstaun, Max Khachaturian, Max Galstanian, Maximums the Gladiator, Max Merciful or whoever he is) is posting; I have my Lord Jesus Christ on my back whom shell I be afraid; jail? What for? Because I am Christian Armenian who live in Kolkata and was appointed as The Manage of ACPA and the Pastor or the Indian-Armenian Spiritual Pastorate. If the jail is my place and it makes Kolkata Armenians life better I will go by my free will. You said you represented the opposition… silly, there are few Kolkata Armenians, you are the opposition, come on… there are not millions of Kolkata Armenians, so you can consider yourself opposition, there only 20 families of Kolkata Armenians, you have to get together, not be an opposition… I officially stat now, I am Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan, I have sponsored and invited myself, I have covered all the expenses of so called ‘tourists’-teachers from Armenia. I am the son of Rafik Yazichyan and Aniush Gasparian; Yazichyan & Gasparian families are well know in Yerevan, and so far are very wealthy; not to mention our family properties in the U.S, Lebanon, Turkey, Dubai and Moscow, which are more then Armenian funds in India, believe me! I, personally, never and ever had and have financial problems so far in my life; I do pay all my travel expanses personally, because College and Church can not afford business or first class and I used to travel business or first class. Just let me do my service, I beg you and that’s all. Ok? I am open to any suggestions, I would answer to any questions in my office, please scheduled a meeting time with my secretary; the address is Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy 56B, Mirza Ghalib Street (Free School Street), Kolkata - 700 016, West Bengal, India Tel: +91 (033) 4010 9051 / 22299051 Fax: +91 (033) 22275869 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.armeniancollege.edu.in With Love and Blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Sorry everyone, I am not going to respond to anyone’s comment anymore, because I have the College and Community to manage, I am not retired person like some of you, and I believe I do not have mental disorder like some of you as well. I have more important things to do. And I suggest you, it is better to find another hobby rather writhing nonsense and rubbish. I ask you to pray for me and for my patience. With love and blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Reading these comments make me wonder how long will this last in India. Fr Zaven as I can see is new to the Indian community and seems to be unaware of some facts and some facts he may be avoiding due to reason he know best. There is a sense or arrogance in Fr Zaven's, response, there is frustration building in the opposition who seem to be on the right to challenge such events as any opposition is entitled do. A well suggested point by Hetq. seem to have been put forward by Mr Khtchaturian and some valid points prior by Mr Mktchyan, Mr Galstaun ( though seems a bit in-polite) Mr Carapet and few others. There is need for a forum and proper unbiased resolution to this decade old conflict. Elder of the community should also be involved in this issue. I do not find any response by the alleged new committee on this issue? One may ask why do they avoid such discussion of concern.
Anthranick Khatchaturian
Dear Fr. Zaven, You have categorically evaded the specific issues that I have raised, however, allow me to address yours – 1) Residence permit; I am a citizen of India. I hold an Indian passport. I hold no passports nor cititzenships of any other nations. I am in no need of visas or permits for my stay in my home nation – India. My passport has my date of arrival stamped in it by Indian immigration officials. Your lawyers have been writing to me and serving me with caveats since my arrival. I have submitted a copy of the aforementioned document to the church office. 2) Name change; Anthranick Galstaun in the church register. I have submitted supporting documents for my name change to the church. Legal documents. One of your own committee members – Peter Hyrapiet – also has a name different to that in the register, do you have a problem with him too? Members of the Armenian diaspora – now do you see the kind of evasiveness we have to deal with? Do you see the unanswered questions? The ambiguity? Instances of outright theft at the church, rape at the girls school, sexual assault at the boys, even mysterious deaths at the homes and my fellow ACPA & DGS students have what to say? Those who have benefitted the most remain silent. There is an old saying – All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.
john mackertich
At the beginning I read and understood that a point was being made by the community in Kolkata and probably like most readers, felt that they did indeed have a point to raise. The recent church elections appear to have been conducted heavily weighed in the favour only of those who ultimately got elected in, it seems the same people have sat on the community committee for over a decade. Articles in other publications written at the time when the elections had happened clearly show the sheer frustration of the excluded Armenian community in Kolkata. The very reverend Father Zaven Yazichyan, new in the post of manager and priest in Kolkata appears to have been thrown in at the deep end. There is a clear need here for both sides to sit down in arbitration clearly listing their respectively grievances to an INDEPENDENT arbiter; someone outside of the church boundaries and someone outside of the community in Kolkata. Someone who cannot be swayed by bribes or shouting. May I respectfully suggest that a professional forensic company doctor from accountants such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernest & Young, Deloittes or KPMG are engaged. Not a small local firm of accountants who could be “nobbled”. The big four have reputations to uphold and their professionalism in their work is of the utmost importance to their future. If the Armenian Church in Kolkata has nothing to hide then forensic accounting would be a welcome exercise to put an end to absolutely everything that is being accused of them. Conversely, if the community put their concerns up for investigation the independent forensic accountant would be able to investigate and give appropriate responses accordingly. Settle this once and for all. More importantly whatever recommendations a forensic accountant concludes should be put into place and the forensic accountant overseeing. What is screaming out of all these articles and comments is the lack of transparency from the church committee. Forensic accounting would be just that - extremely transparent. Likewise, the community accusations are great and numerous, let’s sort the wheat from the chaff and get the community and church back and one. But oh Father Zaven you have done yourself no favors boasting and bragging about your business and first class travelling “I used to travel business or first class” and “I am the son of Rafik Yazichyan and Aniush Gasparian; Yazichyan & Gasparian families are well know in Yerevan, and so far are very wealthy; not to mention our family properties in the U.S, Lebanon, Turkey, Dubai and Moscow, which are more then Armenian funds in India”. In that one rather outspoken paragraph you have insulted and put the general Indian community down. Do you think that as you step over the hungry, homeless Indian beggars who sleep on the streets outside of your front gates in Kolkata [on your way to your church to pray for the hungry, homeless Indian beggars who sleep on the streets outside of your front gates], they feel any real spiritual love from you? You sound arrogant and full of contempt. Maybe you do travel business and first class around the world but did you really have to brag about it knowing that you are now working in India, a 3rd world country where the majority of people have no running water, sanitation, education, or a roof over their heads. What where you thinking? Have you no respect for the country that has opened its arms to you? You may have issues with the Armenian community in Kolkata but now the population of India has issues with you, an arrogant, self-proclaiming, money orientated, egotistical and over confident priest who likes the finer things in life and who doesn’t care who he tells. Probably not the best start in a new job or your finest moment. Comment...
Anthranick Khatchaturian
Let us set consider a simple point – but first, some context; the church is the beneficiary of some 22 trusts, some argue more. The income from these trusts runs into millions of USD per annum. Hundreds of thousands are donated to institutions across India. Now for the bit that fuels me with pure rage; the TEN – repeat 10 – odd elderly people in the Sir Catchick Paul Chater Homes ...wait for it…DO NOT HAVE HOT WATER!! No church committee, past nor present, has thought it humane to give the most vulnerable members of our community, those who have sought refuge in the arms of our (well funded) mother church, a simple hot water system. Go figure.
Wow wow!!! this is really happening! took me good an hour to go through all this! being student of the DGS it saddens me to hear is is not funtioning for 5 yeeaarrss!!! how? I read but that seems a lot of nonsense. Sorry Fr Zaven, but if you are manager you should open it in all means now! the Church election seems to way over my head but I know Armenia has always wanted to set hand on the assests and all. We hardly had one priest before now 4 mmm there is definately some going on!!! if the school is been handed over to Etdmiadzen. The Armenia before and now are too separte poles. With all these comments I understand a few are very valid and you should address it without prejudice. I had some good friends in school who were Armenian born in India I won't give there names now as I am to understand that may cause some discussion on this platform. But I know the family still live in India. The boys shool was so much fun! girls coming to study and then returning back. That is better than what you have now, I believe which is stepping on a very fine line. I have to mention your writing is also too heavy on reader who will look at it as what the comments say about you, sorry about the re mentioning. I would suggest involve the young people who live in India if there are still a few, get the management be admistrated fairly. I hope to hear a change since I will be visiting my old school in 2014 not 2017! thank you.
After reading everyone's comments on this forum, I strongly feel that Mr. John Mackertich and Mr. Khatchaturian have raised valid points that should be further probed upon. I hope that this issues are sorted out and the Church accounts are scrutinized by a forensic accountant. Also hetq. should not let this matter die out on this forum. They have a big task to do that concerns the Armenian community in Kolkata. I have also heard that there are plethora of legal cases in the court which are being fought by individual Armenians. The Church Committee have been using the Church funds to fight these cases, but its really sad for these individual Armenians who have to spend their hard earned money to fight cases against a few of the Committee members that have showed disrespect to them during the recent elections. Cant the newly elected Committee sit across the table with the Opposition and sort out these issues? Or does the committee want to waste the Church funds on legal cases?
Karen Mkrtchyan
Dear Hrant, dear Edik, dear all, As much as I don't believe that anything will change with our comments here as they will soon be forgotten by all and we shall all return back to our lives filled with our own problems, I would want to, none the less jott down some of the points I as an individual who has benefited from the community have. Let this not be taken personally unless there is anybody here who feels guilty of the allegations I am about to make. 1) I personally feel that the money left by the Armenians here is not being utilised judicially. Just to give you an insight, the church committee makes a number pf trips to Armenia in one single year. They just keep, on visiting the mother see. a) why do they make these trips? b) what what money? & c) how has the community profited from such vosots? I would also want to mention that they fly to Armenian every year on HH's birthday. What is the need to spend so much of money to go there ? Is that man so full of himself that he doesn't accept wishes on the phone or through e mails tjat he needs a people to go there? 8f yes, why 3 every time? Surely if 1 person went as a representative so much money of the trusts would be saved? 2) All we see is renovations. So much of money is being spent just on renovations. Wha for? Why renovate the same building 10 times when everything is being done to finish the community off? For whom are all these renovations? 3) before anyone objects let me back my statement. Yes, we are killing the community. There is no hiding the fact that we we have very few 'accepted' Armenians left in India. Now when an Armenian boy or a girl has to marry, there is no Armenian soul mate for hi or her. Obviously this forces the to marry a local since we do nothing in helping them find an Armenian match from Armenia or abroad. Now this is where all begins. Since the partner is not an Armenian and in most probability not a christian, they will not be married in the Armenian church,. This means that their children don't get baptized in the church, which in rwturn disqualifies them from being allowed to study in the ACPA. The result? We have a whole generation of Armenians that don't speak, think or feel Armenian. Then we all sit and complain we have no Armenians left. Of course we don't. We don't want to have any, that's why. People think if they get baptized they might vote in the GBM...and of course they want to control the assets. And HH wants the community to finish off so that he can takeover the assets. 4) I have read 2 letters written by HH, one in 2005 and one in 2012 asking the Indian Government for a detailed account of the assets and their current market value. Why? Why is he so interested? Is it a part of his job to know? Does he plan to do something? I will send the letters to hetq and anybody else interested once I remember where I have kept them. 5) The calcutta hig court is full of cases of Armenian chirch vs somebody or the other. What is going on? As a law aspirant myself I came across cases filed by or against the church, and every time HH has been more than ready to send letters backing the committee. HH has even left himself the right to decide who is an Armenian (reference- Armenian Holy church of Nazareth vs Sonia John) . It has gone beyond ridiculous. I believe that the community here should stand up and defend what's there's. We can let history repeat itself, for if we stay ignorant, scared and timid the churches, cemeteries and buildings will be all that shall remain of the once rich, proud and patriotic community we had here. From Joseph Emin, Paul Chater and Haroutyun Shmavonyan to the current committee is a disgraceful downfall enough.. let us not let it get any worse.
Here is a correction to the above reply : The Armenian College is a secular institution. It has always educated ANY ARMENIAN. My entire family, all Roman Catholics, have been educated in the Armenian College and took places of distinction in the Armenian community. Anthony Galstaun was a Deacon of the Armenian Church for four years - when there was NO PRIEST. Anthony, without a Priest, kept the Church bells ringing and the Church filled with the Sung Liturgy WITHOUT A PRIEST. Anthony Galstaun went to the same seminary as Oshagan. Jude Galstaun was a diplomat in the Armenian Embassy in London. (Sonia John, Chairman Armenian Church made a case against me and got be declared a non-Armenian. There was no hearing of the case, and this false and illegal order got during my Father's funeral !! Armenian Church Committee and the so-called Priests should hang their dirty heads in shame as the name of the Church is desecrated and blasphemed with these false cases in the Courts in the name of the Church against proper Armenians. Church Committee case against Armenians : http://www.indiankanoon.org/doc/1718439/
These are all valid points that I read above. The articles here is quite very damning. There is need for a good invetigation to know the real fact. I am to believe that assistance can be sought from the Indian courts and help from the CBI to probe the allegations. This committee that I have heard of needas to reply to these allegation not only for the the Armenians in India but to the Indian Govt. There is too much spending without accountability. The priest from Armenia have always been hungry for money as they do not get paid much in Armenia. Mr Galstaun's allegations need to be probed as there is a whole gold mine ready to be explored. He seems to have gone through some bad years with the past and now present comittee. Mr Mkrtchyan and other oppositions who have commented are very correct it seems on their voices of concern.The very rev Zaven needs to answer, and no back out.
The Armenian Church Committee, travels thousands of miles to FIND persons/institutions to DONATE money to the ones they find. Church accounts show hundred of millions DONATED but have the donations really reached these places or got lost on the way ? example: RISHI VALLEY EDUCATION : Got more than Rs 100 million from Dutt/Sobti/Reuben/Wickins/, and yet RISHI is really UNGRATEFUL as RISHI does not say thank you to the Armenians ? source : Rishi web site : (funding) http://www.rishivalley.org/funding/funding.htm ZAVEN MUST ANSWER THIS !!!
Source of the Goyal Family information : http://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/1452634_APG-Shimla.pdf
Dear Fr. Zaven Yazichyan, It seems like you are not trying to understand the point that I have been trying to make in this forum. Exactly the bank example.....people who are in the Committee some of them are not even earning, do not even have a Pan card, pay no tax, yet they have properties, lavishing cars, extra personnel security at home....From whose money????? I am not against you. I am against the corruption in the Armenian Church Committee. I don't have any point further to state here as others are already diverting from the topic. As said earlier by one of the persons above, one of the clergies wife is a committee member, soon she would have to return and then the Committee would function with 6 people, even if there are more that can be adopted it wont be done. The funds are for the education, needy, poor Armenians and not for some of Committee members who fill their pockets and give lucrative gifts and remuneration to those of you who go to India for voting for them. These committee members just have been using you'll for votes and you'll have been using them......You cannot deny this.... Fr. Zaven I have nothing further to comment as this topic will be going on and on and on....with no CHANGE.
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Mr. Karen Mkrtchyan, Thank you quick responding; sharing your views to us. We do appreciate your honesty. I would like to remind you, that I have also said, that I have come to Kolkata before my actual appointment to learn and understand the cultural differences and responsibilities of the managerial position for a smooth transition of chair… so don’t you think the married priest with his family needs time for adjustment as well. Remember, “Rome was not built in one day”, just give it time and you will see. Once again, not like as it was said; “…just a person who replaying to someone’s article…”, but as The Pastor and The Manager I state; everyone is welcome; let it be hetq.am, news.am, aravot.am, tert.am anyone, we have nothing to hide or cover, it is open to everyone.
It is excellent to see a response from a clergyman defending other clergymen.This must be of concern or else he would not voice or maybe the interest from so many readers for the future of the Indian Armenians has made him reply. How much is true or false from both parties is yet to be scurtinised. A good suggetion from the clergy to ask the media to come and see. So hetq. here is a chance! go now....and give us your view please. Mr Mkrytchyan seems to know as much as the Anonymous and I am sure we also get some views from the Community who are not scared to voice their opinion.
Where is Khoren? why has he gone away? Het.am if Khoren is in Armenia check his bank details and interview him please please please.
Very Rev. Father Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Mr. Karen Mkrtchyan, Dear Anonymous, Dear all, It makes me feel that there is a specific and strange aggression, hate and abhorrence toward someone or something; and there are some people who have a special mission and assignment from somewhere or someone to mix up everybody’s minds and lives. And now this discussion is being like “kitchen table conversation” which I would not like to take part of. Everybody and everything has a limits; it means – a point beyond which someone or something is not allowed or cannot go to. Dear Mr. Karen Mkrtchyan, I would like to suggest you; please! Try to find something interesting for your entertainments, activities and developments. Believe me it now seems to me old grandma’s chat: “this priests came, that will go, the other will stay…no no no the other will go, the one who came he will stay, no, oh, no the one who has gone he will come back, the other will stay, but will go the same time… why we have a four should have three, or two and half would be all right … etc” Once again, I officially stat! I, as a new appointed Pastor and Manager open to any suggestions, opinions, new ideas, advice and comments for improvement and development, but lies and dishonesty will always be rejected and will be cursed. Instead of shooting blank bullet in the air, let us all bond together and do our best to keep the Armenian heritage, faith and culture; to keep our flag flying high and shining brightly and to keep our Church bells ringing always not only in India, but also wherever there is an Armenian. With love and blessings, Very Rev. Father Zaven Yazichyan
Karen Mkrtchyan
I got the message. Thank you. Best, Karen
Alina Salnazaryan
Karen Mkrtchyan is among those people who did their best efforts for the Armenian college. He had a high academic standing and actively participated in all possitive programmes in the college. The unjustice he encountered gives him full right to show untrust to etherything connected to the college and the community life. Agreeing on some derisions of the Father, I would nevertheless see Karen enrolled in the constructive life of the college and armenian-idian community rather than seeing him as a spectator, which sprouts wickedness and hatred. I suppose that as a capable, motivated and compassionate person, he is desirable for the armenian-indian community life. Reverend Father Zaven Yazichyan I am optimistic with you constructive mood. Neverthless there are two cons; to desire must be joined with capability, and the organisation of the educational process require much tremendous knowledge and experience, which, I am sure, the previous manager wasn't able to puss on to you. More, I can trust an individual, but wether the istitiution, whom you represent, is thinking and acting constructively.
Does the media still require proof of what is going on in India? I am very sure that Fr. Zaven will be happy to sponsor a media delegate to India to have an open forum with community. As the comments suggest Fr Zaven is just doing as adviced….maybe he is unaware of maybe he will carry on the job as his predecessors did. Mr Carapet has point to be noted that if there are Indian Armenians why adopt foreigners to run the show? Fr. Zaven also don't shun away from this forum if you are unable to answer Mr Mkrytchan questions or any other members that will just show you are not being able to defend your views and facts. So i urge you to keep hanging here till the case is resolved. Could you ask the Church committee to sponsor respected Media journalist like Hetq. and others as they are doing a fantastic job here by letting people write a comment.
Michael Stephen
Dear Fr.Zaven, I am glad that you have published this.There is always two sides to a story.The are some points I disagree with which I believe can be sorted out within our community itself.The armenians and our churches/ ,culture/language should always be preserved come what may.I wish you the very best in your new assignment in India. Michael Stephen Former caretaker Armenian Church Madras, Former Asst.Manager ACPA Kolkata.
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Alina Salnazarya, I am not sure if Mr. Karen Mkrtchyan is the same person whom I know from India (our former student), but if it is him, I have high respect not only for him, but for every single former student, and they are most welcome to come and lend a hand in improving the ACPA. I have gone through every single record of our former students, and maybe I do not know them personally, but I know them through their records that we have in the college. I, personally would never underestimate somebody’s capability, knowledge and experience without knowing him or her, because in my opinion it is not a polite gesture. According to general understanding of Christianity everyone has to answer for him or herself. I, as a clergy and a human being, would never undervalue and belittle people under any circumstances. My Degree in Psychology allows me to understand that everybody has a unique character, personality, inner world, skill and ability. I have served in different positions, I do not publicize myself; my work speaks for itself. I, as a clergy, represent an institution that has more than 1700 years of history (Armenian Church), so who am I to cause harm to the reputation of the Church. Remember; “so whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him or her it is sin” (James 4:17). With love and blessings. Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Carapet, I would like to suggest one more thing as well, for your further records and for your curiosity, kindly don’t judge everyone on the same parameters; money can talk for you, but it is not the most important thing of value for others. You are talking about Kolkata Armenians as if Armenians from Armenia are foreigners; remember Kolkata Armenians would never be Kolkata Armenians without Armenia herself –our motherland; let us all have a sense of pride in our motherland, just as our mothers have given birth to us, so too the land has given birth to all Armenians. Even at crucial moments of our history like the Battle of Avarayr, we proclaimed that our father is the Armenian Church and mother is the Holy Bible. Look at the Armenian history itself, almost half or more than half of it is Church history, all universities, colleges and schools were run by clergymen, still there are kindergartens, schools, high schools, colleges and seminaries run either by the Church or by clergymen (kindergartens in Hoktemberian, Region of Armavir, schools in Sevan, Region of Gegharquinq where directors are clergies, Eornekian High School in Etchmiadzin where the manager is a clergy , 6 Youth Centers in Yerevan and more than 15 institutions in different regions of Armenia have directors and staff that are clergies, Harij high school in Gyumri, the Ayb elementary and high School where the manager is a clergy, St. Nerses in New York, Seminaries in Jerusalem and Lebanon…etc.) research and see the number of clergymen working in high positions and you will be surprised to see how well they are doing in their respective fields. I honestly cannot understand what are you afraid of. My advice would be just try to assist, do not try to harm, no one will benefit from it. With love and blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Gregory A Carapiet
I hereby like to introduce myself as an Ex ACOB 1952 to 1964 presently living in Florida USA. I am also the brother of Ex Armenian Church Warden Mrs. Queenie Sobti (Carapiet) and uncle to Sunil Sobti. I wish Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yagishyan much success in assuming his new position as manager and administrator of the Armenian College & Davadian Girls School. My only advice to him is that his job is not easy. The young boys and girls who are to be educated are sent to India from mostly poor and broken homes in Armenia away from their parents. I wish them to succeed in their education and be productive members of our Armenian Society when every one will look up to them. In the past, I have seen only a handful of students succeed in this endeavor. I am ashamed that Fr. Yagishyan has to go through answering all your silly questions to him. I am also ashamed to see some of the Ex ACOB students who after graduating from this institution claiming to not being an Armenian Christian. Shame on you. Shame on the facalty members how educated you. We cannot undo where we failed in the past. Yet there is hope for the future. I want all the boys and girls attending AC & DGS succeed with no drop outs. And I do not want any Armenian Clergyman coming from Armenia calling us Indian Armenians. I see it as an insult…may be they are new in Kolkota and do not understand what it means to be an Armenian living in foreign lands. Did the British ever call themselves Indian British?
Alina Salnazaryan
Respected V R Father Zaven Yazichyan, I had no intention whatsoever of doubting your knowledge, especially when I am not acquainted with it. My comment was more an expression of my concern, driven by my anxiety. I commented because I am worried. Over the years I have witnessed the lack and absence of the basic knowledge that prevailed in the Armenian College, and I must say I will only be happy not to witness the things that I saw again, about which I do not wish to discuss on this forum. I am also well versed in the 1700 year old history of the institution you represent and 5000 years old history and values of the Armenian people. For me there is but one standard or one criterion of morality ; the sense of responsibility, a value I have adhered to all my life. I would only like every person entrusted with the responsibility to look after the children to follow such an approach. Dear Father Zaven, I wish you endless success in this very responsible and demanding task entrusted upon you. Warm regards, Alina Salnazaryan
Dear Fr. Zaven Yazichyan, First of all I appreciate you responding and trying to solve the queries raised on this forum. If money was everything to me I would not have wasted my time discussing issues of great concern that involves the Kolkata Armenians while living in the U.S. My concern involves the future of the Kolkata Armenians those who are born and brought up there or have Armenian parents of indian origin. To clarify the history of the Kolkata Armenians - they originated from Iran and the funds, and education was primarily for the Kolkata Armenians. Two questions to you......1) Why are there foreigners (Armenians not from India) in the Church Committee when there are educated and respectable Kolkata Armenians who have full knowledge of the scheme (that has been time and time amended to suit those in power) and are willing to render support to the Church? 2) How come some of the Church Committee members do not even now the language and do not attend church services run the church affairs? I do not doubt on your honesty and transparency. Hope that something fruitful buds out during your tenure.
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Honest advice to Dear Person! As a psychologist I am observing a very serious case, you better directly see a psychiatrist, yet it is not late. I would suggest my colleague at the American Psychological Association (APA), to edit and include some symptoms like yours in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for next publication, I think it is very vital. As a clergy of Armenian Church; I would say Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. May God the lover of humanity have mercy upon you and grant you forgiveness of all your sins, both those which you have confessed as well as those you have forgotten. With this priestly authority and by the divine command that “whatever you loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven,” and with the same words, I absolve you of all participation in your sins; in thought, in word, and in deed, in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, and re-instate you in the sacraments of the Holy Church, that whatever good you do may be accounted to you as works of goodness and for the glory of the live to come. Amen. With love and blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Gregory A Carapiet
Very Rev Fr. Zaven Yazichyan. You are the new Pastor of the Armenians in Calcutta. My advice to you is to ignore replying to all these silly remarks addressed to you. Your job is to produce good fruits from bad seeds. May The Lard help you in this endeavor. Welcome to Kolkota.
Nelson Andrews
The above conversation makes me feel sick right down to the core ... You people are re nailing Jesus back to the cross..Is this the testimony of believers of Jesus . Please do a rethink and recheck on all that you are doing. You can fool man but cannot fool God. 'For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.' Galatians 6:8 'For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.' 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15 'Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality.' Colossians 3:23-25.... May the grace, power and anointing of the Holy Spirit be your guide and strength..
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Dear Mr. Carapet, thank you very much for your appreciation and for shearing your thoughts with us. First of all I would like to respond to you comment by asking you; aren’t you glad that Armenian children from everywhere are getting food, shelter and free high education among with Kolkata Armenians, and being taught Armenian language, history and culture and someday they would become excellent citizens and good Christians; being well informed and aware about their heritage, culture, history and Mother Church? It should make every single Armenian happy and proud. Although, it can only be when he/she really cares and worries about the future generation of Armenians, but for enemies it is indeed not good. The Scheme is a guideline which provides criteria and standards, whether person is qualified to vote or not; to be elected or not. Thus, you are in the U.S.A. I will give you an example; if someone has a bad credit records the bank would not give that person loans or credits, right! It doesn't matter for bank whether that person is well educated and respected; because they have their guideline which they have to follow and there are some standards that customers have to meet. Second The Scheme itself was written in English and still it is in English, because it deal with Indian Government in English and I have seen only few Kolkata Armenians who can speak Armenian, I can count on my one hand. Speaking of which, all these people who have been grandiloquently and pompously talking, writing comments and article, either they won’t meet the criteria of the Scheme or the do not live in Kolkata. With love and blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34) With love and blessings, Very Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan
Karen Mkrtchyan
Respected Father Zaven, Yes I am the same Karen you know from India, the ex-student of ACPA. I thank you for comment. My comments, I hope, have not been taken to be an attack or disrespect towards you. Like you, I do not judge a person until I have gotten to know him or her. We have probably met only 2 -3 times and have unfortunately not spoken more than 5 minutes each time. I do not know your personality, and the little I have heard about you mean nothing to me as I do not rely on someone else's experience and knowledge while passing opinions and judgment, although I must admit most of the stuff I have heard about you have mostly been positive. Having said this, it is clear we already have our differences. As evident, I do not like many things that are happening in Kolkata. I do not approve of some of the things the representatives of the Armenian Church have done or may continue to do. I do not approve the condition the community is here in, which worsens every day. I do not approve of them at all. However, the position you hold and the institution you represent compels you to have a different opinion. As the pastor of the Indian Armenians and the manager of ACPA you have to defend not only what is going on (even if you do not like it), but also defend what has been going on before you came. I am sure a person of your understanding does not approve of most of the things either. However, unlike you, I am not bound by any post, position or authority to keep my disagreements to myself. I have always been outspoken against the things I find to be wrong and I probably will always be outspoken against them all my life. When I am not happy about something, I very well make sure the person knows. I do not like hypocrisy, giving fake smiles and nodding my head just to please the person in front of me. I don't go about speaking behind the backs of people when in front of them I act sweet and friendly. If I have a problem I share it, and as known to you, your predecessor did not like this at all. You might not like this attitude of mine either, which might unfortunately mean that we will always stat on two different banks of the river. I will never personally attack a person or spread false baseless allegations against them, but I will also not act like I approve of something when in reality I do not. I am used to people not liking me for it, but I would rather get harmed for who I am rather than benefit from who I am not. I wish you success in all you do. Sincerely, Karen .
The Armenian Community election time is here again!what is going to happen this time people I hear that again their is going to be rigging? Is Hetq covering this?

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