Larisa Paremuzyan

800 Psychologically Impaired Registered in Alaverdi, Tumanyan Districts

fkostandyan_210509 Svetlana Qaryan, who heads the Polyclinical Division of the Alaverdi Health Center, tolf "Hetq" that some 800 psychologically impaired individuals have been officially registered in the communities of the Tumanyan District and the city of Alaverdi. One of them is Felix Kostanyan of Alaverdi who lives alone. He has been living on the roof of a shop for about one week now after quitting his apartment. Neighbors say that his wife and kids have left him, due to his illness, and are most likely living in Georgia. Felix's brother died a few years ago from tuberculosis and his mother passed away immediately afterwards from grief and starvation. The gas, electricity and water in Felix's one room apartment on General Andranik Street have been shut off for safety reasons. Building residents say that Felix presents no harm to anyone and shows no signs of aggression. However, passing school children are afraid to pass him on the street. Felix's situation in Alaverdi is unique. He merely survives on water. He refuses any food offered by local residents out of fear that he will be poisoned. Residents fear that Felix will not survive long in these conditions. Neurologist Svetlana Qaryan, who lives in the same building as Felix said, "It's real a tragic situation. We try to help him out financially but he refuses our offers. He won't accept medical shots. Sadly, such psychological maladies have started to affect younger people." Svetlana argues that unemployment, and related drug and alcohol abuse, are primary factors in the growth rate of psychological illness.