Larisa Paremuzyan

Alaverdi Honors Actor Vladimir Msryan

On July 19, during celebrations marking "Alaverdi City and Mining Day", Armenian 'National Artist" Vladimir Msryan was honored at the Alaverdi cultural center. The famous actor's parents, Hovhannes and Araks Msryan, spent many years developing the theatrical arts in Alaverdi and Vladimir Msryan grew up in the town as a young boy. In 1934, Hovhannes and Araks Msryan helped create the State Workers' Theater in Alaverdi and spent many years working there. Vladimir Msryan recounts that as a young boy he would charge visiting tourists twenty kopecks to dive off the "Kareh Bridge" in Alaverdi. During the start of a series of events honoring the famous Armenian actor, segments of the well-known movie "Nikola Paganini" were shown to local residents and guests as well as snippets of the drama "Julius Caesar", directed by H. Ghaplanyan and other theatrical roles played by Mr. Msryan. Alaverdi Mayor Artur Nalbandyan honored the actor with an official proclamation from the town's municipality. Armenian Copper Programme Executive Director Gagik Arzoumanyan welcomed the actor to Alaverdi, known for its historical mining background, and presented the actor with a TV. "I present you with his TV so that you remember that you have mining blood running through your veins," Mr. Arzoumanyan said. Pupils from the Alaverdi High School #12 also welcomed the actor to their town and Souren Israyelyan, President of the Work and War Veterans, wished the actor continued suvess in his career. Literary historian Levon Moutafyan presented a synopsis of Vladimir Msryan's theatrical and film career to audience members and noted that the actor first took to the stage at the age of two in Alaverdi during a scene when he rushed on stage calling out "mommy" to one of the actresses. Years later, the actor would be obliged to call the same actress "mother" for she became his actual mother-in-law. The actor thanked all for their kind words and said that he has fond memories of Alaverdi as a young boy. Mr. Msryan also told the crowd that he had been elected a member of the new Yerevan Municipal Council. "I've been elected a council member. An actor must leave something behind in this world. I am content with life and my career. I believe that I have bequeathed something to the arts. But I also want to help out our city of Yerevan. As much as possible I am also prepared to serve my dear city of Alaverdi. I am indebted to my audience and to the Armenian people."