Larisa Paremuzyan

Alaverdi Barber Gives Free Cuts at Local Soup Kitchen

65 year-old Zhora Khachatryan receives a monthly pension of 23,000 AMD ($60). No one works in his family of five. Given the family’s strapped resources, Mr. Khachatryan hadn’t sat down in a barber’s chair for quite awhile. That is until barber Tigran Hakhinyan brought his eight students to the soup kitchen in Alaverdi and gave free haircuts to those who had come for a hot meal. "It was more than a month ago that my hair was cut. But not by a regular barber. These young people have done a fine job. I’m very pleased," Mr. Khachatryan said. In just over three hours, Tigran and his students had cut the hair of 40 individuals at the soup kitchen. Aytzemik Mkrtumyan, who heads the soup kitchen, says that some 110 people are fed every day. He had only praise for what Tigran Hakhinyan graciously did. "The people who come here are really in need of a helping hand. What Tigran did was great. Many hadn’t gone to a barber in quite some time." For his part, Tigran said that the Alaverdi Employment Department sends him the students for training. "The course has ended and the students have become professional barbers. Before we parted, we decided to visit the kitchen and cut their hair. We received a warm welcome."