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Inga Martinyan

Sevan Commissioner: Water Resources Poorly Managed in Armenia

Vladimir Movsisyan, Chairman of the Lake Sevan Commission appointed by President Sargsyan, told reporters today that the management of water resources in Armenia is very poor, especially regarding Lake Sevan. The mapping of Lake Sevan has dragged on for decades and is still far from completion. Chairman Movsisyan expressed concerns that steps taken to resolve problems at the lake are oftentimes not carried out in an efficient and timely manner. Thus, he stressed it is important to determine what future steps must be taken and how to implement much needed oversight. “The surface of the lake should be raised to 1,903.5 meters. According to our calculations, it will be possible to reach the target level by 2029,” Vladimir Movsisyan said. Mr. Movsisyan said the Commission was still reviewing the problems caused by the rising lake water and drafting possible solutions. He said that more attention will be paid to preventing the flow of sewage and rainwater to the lake. The list of hydroelectric power plants that harm the ecosystem of Sevan will also be reviewed.

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