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Mаry Mamyan

Image in Korea and Armenia the Same, Says Korean Filmmaker Kim Ki-duk in Yerevan


South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk, while in Yerevan for the 11th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival (GAIFF), spent some time wandering the streets of the Armenian capital. 

At a recent press conference, he said that he managed to see not only the city center, but also the local poor, concluding that the image in Korea and Armenia are practically the same. For this reason, he said, he wants to study Armenia further. 

Kim Ki-duk introduced the West to Korean cinema. He has shot 20 films, some of which have gone on to receive awards at prestigious international festivals. The filmmaker often hears that there's a lot of cruelty in his films. But he thinks that he simply presents life, which has both good and bad aspects. Just as depicted by the director in his film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring, man's life changes like the seasons in the year. And even if he presents the bad, he doesn't do so intentionally. It's just that through his films he wants to show how he lived that which exists in Korean reality. Kim Ki-duk is not only the director, but also the scriptwriter and sometimes producer of his films. 

Six of Kim Ki-duk's films will be screened as part of GAIFF's Retrospectives program, which opened with his film Pieta. This 2012 film won the Golden Lion Award at Venice International Film Festival, receiving other awards in the US, Japan, China, Australia, Dubai, and Portugal. Before the film screening in Yerevan, Kim Ki-duk got up on stage to welcome the audience. He said that he thought for a long time who is the mother being, as a result of whom this film's script was born. But this is a story not of a good, kind-hearted mother, but a vengeful mother. Kim Ki-duk's other films to be screened at GAIFF are 3-Iron, Address Unknown, The Coast Guard,The Isle, and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring.

Kim Ki-duk confessed that he is quite moved that so many people came to both the press conference and his film screening. He's happy that there are so many people in Armenia who are interested in his films and hopes that soon he will present his new film to this audience. 

GAIFF presented Kim Ki-duk with the Parajanov's Thaler, a Lifetime Achievement Award, for contributions made to global cinema. 


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