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Armavir Mayor Injured, Driver Killed, in Artsakh Car Explosion

Armavir mayor Rouben Khlghatyan was rushed by helicopter to a Yerevan hospital after the car he was in detonated a mine near the village of Vaghazin in the Kashatagh district of Artsakh earlier today, this according to Armenia's Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The driver of the car was killed on the spot. Two other passengers were airlifted with the mayor to Yerevan and then to Erebouni Hospital with a variety of injuries.

Sargis Movsisyan , chief of staff at the Armavir Municipality, told Hetq that he doesn’t know the medical condition of the mayor.

“The mayor was on vacation. I don’t know what happened. I’m on my way to the hospital now,” Movsisyan said.

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