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Tatev Khachatryan

Hetq Article on “Confusing” Blood Lab Results Prompts Ministry Investigation

Based on a Hetq article that three blood labs came up with diverging analysis results on the same day, Armenia’s Ministry of Health has ordered that the labs be inspected.

On August 28, Hetq reported that the labs in question – DiaLab, Promtest and Viola – had arrived at different blood analysis results for a patient diagnosed with a liver tumor.

The patient, Davit Melkonyan, had brought the matter to the attention of Hetq.

The lab results received by Melkonyan were:

• Viola: CEA (carcinoembyronic antigen) – 12ng/mL CA 19-9 (gastrointestinal cancer antigen) – 210 U/mL

• DiaLab: CEA – 624.5 ng/mL CA 19-9 – 382.8 U/mL

• Promtest: CEA – 1196.27 ng/mL CA 19-9 – 519.19 U/mL

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