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Jirayr Sefilyan and 4 Others Released from Pre-Trial Detention

Five members of the “100 Centenary without the Regime” opposition movement have been released from pre-trial detention but are still awaiting trial on charges of conspiring to foment public disorder during events in Yerevan commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

In a statement released today, Armenia’s Prosecutor General’s Office says that the five detained individuals (Jirayr Sefilyan, Varuzhan Avetisyan, Gevorg Safaryan, Garegin Chugaszyan and Pavel Manukyan) were released after signing affidavits that they wouldn’t flee the country.

The statement says that since the five were prevented from carrying out their plan to foment public disorder there was no longer any need to detain them.

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Hethum Lambron
I believe it should be the members of the regime who should sign affidavits that they wouldn’t flee the country.

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