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Police Remove Baghramyan Barricade; Detain a Number of Protesters

Police detained an unspecified number of protesters today who sat down in the middle of Baghramyan when cops moved in to remove a barricade of trash bins that had blocked the main artery to traffic for two weeks.

Armenian Police had issued a statement earlier today that they would remove the barricade if electricity rate hike protesters didn’t do it themselves.

Before forcibly removing the small number of protestors, police brass had said they wouldn’t resort to force but would try to negotiate with those remaining on Baghramyan Avenue. 

UPDATE: Police later reported that they detained 46 protesters all of whom were subsequently released.

Photos: Ani Gevorgyan

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Կիսահաղթանակ երկու կողմերի համար՝ առանց զոհերի, - խոխան տաղանդավոր ա!

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