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Hrant Gadarigian

Yerevan Rant: Constitutional Mumbo-Jumbo, or Why My Head Nearly Exploded!

Sitting in an AUA classroom this evening, listening to a lecture on the proposed changes to the RoA Constitution and their possible impact on human rights in Armenia and international treaty obligations, my poor head was about to explode from all the legal mumbo-jumbo being tossed hither and yon.

Can't blame the speakers though, any discussion on the constitution, the dotting of the "i"s and crossing of the "t"s is, by definition, bound to be enveloped in a cloak of near incomprehensibility.

Needless to say, I didn't get the chance to ask the speakers how they (or the Venice Commission, that august body that backs the draft constitution and is assisting the "expert" framers in Armenia) envisage the rank and file voter in Armenia to make heads and tails of its all; to make an informed decision come the Dec. 6 referendum. That's a mere four weeks away.

Are they going to provide constitutional lawyers, free of charge, to voters in Armenia. Lawyers who actually can explain the intricacies involved in a language we can all understand? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this to happen.

We are,after all, talking about a new version of the constitution,the supreme law of the land, the mother of all laws; the document, that arguably, enshrines the rights and liberties many are not even aware of.

Perhaps, they never intended the Armenian public to actually understand these constitutional changes, their justification, or even the document itself. 

That's a topic for another discussion.

In any event, I learnt at least one simple fact tonight.

Only 1/4 of eligible voters in Armenia have to cast a "YES" ballot for the new constitution to be adopted.

If so.....it's a done deal. No?

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The US Constitution has 7 (seven) article, Armenia's has over 100. Go figure.

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