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Prosperous Armenia MP Calls for Shake-Up Regarding Economic Policy

During a debate today in Armenia’s National Assembly regarding the 2016 draft budget, Prosperous Armenian Party (BHK) MP Vahe Hovhannisyan claimed that there officials in the government who, due to the political situation, aren’t talking about the serious economic problems facing the country even though they are fully aware of them.

Hovhannisyan said that while the draft budget corresponded to the resources available, it did not meet the needs of the public.

He said that the budget debates shouldn’t aim to look for those responsible for Armenia’s faltering economy, but should rather address the underlying issues involved.

Hovhannisyan argued that there were two sectors where illusory opinions should not be expressed – national security and the economy – and that the two were linked.

“We have no right to permit the economy to fall in future. That would be a great blow to state security. We have the Karabakh problem, migration, the issue of defending Armenia’s border, and each economic misstep, delayed project, embezzlement of resources, placing personal gain over state interests, will be a blow against our national security,” said Hovhannisyan.

He called for a halt to empty promises and to give voice to national concerns as a solution.

Hovhannisyan said that people both in and out of the government could raise such issues but that it shouldn’t be done in a spirit of enmity.

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