Seda Hergnyan

Boycott Turkish Goods? – Armenia Can’t Seem to Get Enough

Despite on and off again public calls in Armenia to “Stop Buying Turkish Goods”, the country can’t seem to get enough.

Retail stores in Yerevan and beyond are chock full of Turkish stuff – from coffee makers toTupperware, from household cleaners to clothing, from citrus fruits to wood items. Like it or not, Turkish imports enjoy a large market share.

In the spring, the Armenian government even discussed the matter. In May Prime Minister HovikAbrahamyan had the final say, announcing that the government would not ban Turkish goods.

It all comes down to the individual consumer when it comes to buying Turkish imports.

Data shows that Turkish imports this year continue apace with last year and that consumers, despite the boycott calls, continue to buy them.

According to the National Statistical Service (NSS), Armenia imported US$61.1 million worth of Turkish consumables in the first half of 2016. This is a mere 1.3% drop ($774,000) form the same period last year.

Armenia exported just $227,000 worth of goods to Turkey. Talk about a trade imbalance.

In terms of the overall trade that Armenia has internationally, Armenia-Turkey commerce comprise 2.7% in the first half of 2016. Armenian exports to Turkey comprised 0% of overall exports and 4.2% of imports.

Armenia: Imports from Turkey

2012: $92.1 million

2013: $89.2 million

2014: $106.2 million