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Grisha Balasanyan

Son of “General” Manvel Grigoryan Serves as Proxy in Etchmiadzin Vote but Isn’t Registered as One

This reporter uncovered some funny business today at the 19/10 polling station in Etchmiadzin, Armenia – the fiefdom of “General” Manvel Grigoryan, an Armenian MP.

Today is local election day in Etchmiadzin and in 316 other communities in Armenia’s provinces of Aragatzotn, Armavir, Ararat, Syunik and Tavoush.

The general’s eldest son Karen is running for reelection as Etchmiadzin mayor. Another son, Arman, is running to be a member in the town’s municipal council.

When I visited the polling station, I found Ara, another son of the general, serving as a proxy. The only problem is that Ara isn’t officially registered as a proxy.

Ara had taken over one of the rooms in an adjacent school, and was barking orders by telephone to get out the vote.

I even spotted a proxy ID hanging around his neck.

LevonGabrielyan, president of the local election committee, stated that no one named Ara Grigoryan was registered as a proxy, showing me the official registry book as proof.

Rubik Stepanyan, a Grigoryan family friend, was officially registered as the proxy for Arman.

Ara Grigoryan argued, by way of justification, that when he enters the polling station the other proxy leaves, and that’s why he isn’t registered.

The election committee secretary decided to register Ara Grigoryan when he entered this time; just to be safe.




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