Diana Ghazaryan

New Armenian Prime Minister: “We have a great reserve of resources that must be utilized”

Newly appointed Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, addressing a government cabinet session today, said that the country had a great reserve of resources that must be utilized.

Karapetyan said that a number of new economic steps would be taken that might not be understood or accepted. He did not specify what those steps would be.

The prime minister added that the government would stand by the socially vulnerable strata of society in Armenia and that it would try to jump start certain business sectors that could lead to surplus value.

Karapetyan said that he expected newly appointed agricultural minister Ignaty Arakelyan to draft a comprehensive development plan incorporating all sectors with growth potential.

Karapetyan also instructed the new finance minister Vardan Aramyan to propose new ways to organize government expenditures, given that the current system is complex and top heavy.