Seda Hergnyan

Armenia's Bookmakers Paying More in Taxes This Year

There are four companies in Armenia licensed to organize for-profit games of chance.

Another four companies are licensed to run online bookmaking services to the public.

The four operating bookmakers in Armenia – VivaroBet, Europefootball, InterLoto and GoodWin – all make it to the list of the top 1,000 taxpayers in the country.

InterLoto came in at 178th, followed by VivaroBet (254th), GoodWin (365th) and Europefootball (654th).

The four licensed online bookmakers affiliated with the above four, respectively, are – Vivaro Group, GoodWin Casino, Toto Gaming and Aygames. Two of these four made the top 1,000 taxpayer list: Vivaro Group (306th) and Aygames (702nd).

In the first three quarters of 2016 InterLoto paid 512.6 million AMD in taxes, up from 466.8 paid in the same period in 2015.

Vivaro Bet paid 353.6 million AMD this year as compared to 328.8 last year.

Vivaro Group paid 286 million AMD this year, up from 281.6 million last year.

Goodwin paid 230.9 million AMD this year, up from 154.2 million in 2015.

Europefootball paid 119.6 million AMD this year, up from 100 million last year.

Aygame’s taxes basically remained unchanged; around 110 million for both years.

Combined, the above six companies paid 1.6 billion AMD in taxes in the first three quarters of 2016; up 172 million (11.9%) over the same period last year.